A Fabulous Bundle for a Fabulous Month!

Something Fabulous

We’re super excited. February is almost here, and that also means… It’s time for a new bundle! Announcing the arrival of our biggest bundle for the month, The Fabulous February Bundle!

fabulous-february-header-1160x772The Fabulous February Bundle

Why we love this bundle

This big bundle has a combination of 38 fabulous fonts, and 13 gorgeous graphics, all for only $29, while it’s normally worth $757That’s not all, you get bonus doodles, patterns, premade cards and much much more for you to get creative with!

Today we feature 13 of our favorites from this bundle to show you just how awesome they are!

1. Anything Goes

Anything Goes Font 1
Anything Goes – The Fabulous February Bundle

We absolutely love this super fun, quirky font! You could use a different color for each character and it’d still look great! In fact, you can also have fun alternating between upper and lowercase to create something offbeat! Anything goes, really! 😉


2. It’s Dino Time

it's DINO time 1
It’s Dino Time – The Fabulous February Bundle

We had a hard time trying not to obsess over these guys. Who doesn’t cute love dinos? And these ones look super friendly! This pack brings with it 8 of these friendly dinosaur characters, a variety of seamless patterns, and greeting cards for you to work some magic on too!

it's DINO time 2

Get them printed on a T-shirt and you’ll never have a dull day!


3. Wild Thorn 

Wild Thorn - The Fabulous February Bundle
Wild Thorn – The Fabulous February Bundle

The Wild Thorn gives out a “perk-me-up” vibe that demands a second look from its viewer. Quotes and phrases that send a positive message paired with this font could instantly uplift one’s mood! What adds to the feel, even more, is this san serif font’s adaptability with using both upper and lower cases within the typeface, emitting a vibe of carefreeness.

Wild Thorn 3

This font makes us happy, can we eat it?? 😉


4. Spring Blooms Clip Art 

Spring Blooms Clip Art - The Fabulous February Bundle
Spring Blooms Clip Art – The Fabulous February Bundle

Spring Blooms clip art +branding kit 4

These pretty flower cliparts are just in time for spring, and the combination of neutral tones with pine and minitier shades of green are warming to the soul, and especially perfect for this season. This pack contains an array of overlays, floral wreaths, bouquets and premade cards.

Spring Blooms clip art +branding kit 5

If you’re a business owner, the bonus logo branding kit could come in handy! Whether a temporary change to keep up with the season, or a permanent brand new outlook, these flower cliparts will give your product an instant facelift.


5. Hughoney

Hughoney - The Fabulous February Bundle
Hughoney – The Fabulous February Bundle

Unfortunately, we can’t eat fonts. No matter how yummy they look. Just like this sweet script typeface in Hughoney. Doesn’t it look simply delicious? You can pair these with floral wreaths and frames, food photos, nature backgrounds. This brush font also comes with a tonne of alternate glyphs and ligatures for you to create typography masterpieces!

Hughoney Script 2

Told you these fonts look great with flowers and food! ♥


6. White Magic Watercolor Set 

WHITE MAGIC watercolor set 1
White Magic Watercolor Set – The Fabulous February Bundle

Spring and Valentine’s are enough to feel like magic is in the air. Celebrate magic this February with this White Magic Watercolor Set!

This pack includes not only a bunch of magical watercolor animals, flowers, plants and feather elements, but also comes with gorgeous frames, wreaths, and seamless patterns so you can ‘sprinkle’ some magic wherever you want!


7. Kristof

Kristof Font Duo 1
Kristof – The Fabulous February Bundle

Have you ever seen a serif font so playful? Perfect for kids crafts and projects, but you don’t have to be a kid to love this one! Use it to add a little fun for all ages, 0 and up!

Kristof Font Duo 4

This pack also contains two more sets; Bold Kristof and Kristof Bold Patterns so you can mix and match! Oh, they come with a tonne of super cute doodles too!

Kristof Font Duo 2

They’ll look great on t-shirts, DIY gift wrappers even DIY greeting cards!


8. Hello Valentine’s Day 

Hello Valentine's Day 1
Hello Valentine’s Day – The Fabulous February Bundle

You’ll be saying hello to Valentine’s Day real soon, so you’d better start gearing up! These delightful Scandinavian style-inspired elements are the perfect finishing touches for any Valentine’s gift!

Hello Valentine's Day 7

This set also comes with pre-made cards, cozy phrases, and seamless patterns so you can create a DIY Valentine’s gift or greeting card from scratch!


9. Sweet Home Savannah 

Sweet Home Savannah 1
Sweet Home Savannah – The Fabulous February Bundle

This elegant, southern style-inspired script typeface is so classy and versatile at the same time. We could picture this typeface on a lovely greeting card, in a business logo and DIY crafts of all sorts!

Planning a gift for someone? Add a gift card with their name in this script typeface for a classy finishing touch they’ll love!


10. Perfect Thoughts 

Perfect Thoughts 1
Perfect Thoughts – The Fabulous February Bundle

Typefaces like these can take some people back in time and others, a new-found sense of nostalgia. Whichever it may be for you, everyone likes the look of words printed with a good ol’ typemachine.

Perfect Thoughts 3

These fonts will go great on DIY projects of any sort. Try getting these classics on the cover of your notebook, sketchbook, or diary along with your writing utensils for a vintage set of stationery.


11. Time to Hygge 

Time to Hygge - Clipart Collection! 1
Time to Hygge – The Fabulous February Bundle

Yet another set of cliparts, this one is best suited for the start of spring when it’s still chilly. It’s the best time to get cozy and that’s exactly what the elements in this pack want you to do! They also come with an assortment of seamless patterns, and some phrases to keep you cozy for the season! It’s most definitely time to hygge!

Time to Hygge - Clipart Collection! 7

Get these cozy patterns on your sweaters and comforters for extreeeeme coziness all day, all night!


12. Neato Serif 

Neato Serif 1
Neato Serif – The Fabulous February Bundle

This eccentric serif font is truly one of a kind. We love how the designer so cleverly and boldly, took the most prominent feature of a traditional serif font and used that very feature to give this font a distinct style of its own. Ingenius!


Neato Serif 2

This serif font can be used to make a statement, even bold ones. It’ll go well with posters, banners, and logos too!


13. Believe in Love 

Believe in Love - Valentines set 1
Believe in Love – The Fabulous February Bundle

Valentine’s Day is not too far away! It’s part of what makes February so fabulous anyway. So equip yourself with this holiday essential that comes in this bundle! This month, it’s time to Believe in Love! ♥

Believe in Love - Valentines set 3

Believe in Love - Valentines set 4

Make DIY Valentine’s gifts of any kind with these super adorable elements, quotes, seamless patterns and pre-designed Valentine’s Day greeting cards.

All this and more in The Fabulous February Bundle! So have yourself a fabulous February and get this bundle now!

Want more bundles like this one? At TheHungryJPEG.com, we bring you weekly graphics and font bundles every Monday. That’s right, weekly! Premium graphic designs handpicked fonts and extras to add to your creative toolkit at a steal. So, stay tuned!

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