Vector Illustrator Of The Week: Fancy Art | TheHungryJPEG

Vector Illustrator Of The Week: Fancy Art | TheHungryJPEG

Do we have any vector illustrations fans here? Good news for all vector enthusiasts! This week TheHungryJPEG brings an experienced vector illustrator from Fancy Art, a store that has more than 50 engaging vector sets that you could choose from. Wonder how she can create such amazing artworks? Find out more from our interview session below.

Could you tell us about yourself?

I studied design at the university. I have been drawing vector illustrations for stock for several years. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters and I am glad that I can work and take care of my children at the same time.

How long have you been in this industry?

I have been in this industry for about 5 years and above.

When did you know you wanted to pursue designing and start selling it?

I loved to draw as a child, then I received a specialized education. I switched to remote work when I had a baby and since then I have been selling my drawings via the Internet.

What inspires you the most? Where do you get your inspiration?

I have been inspired by nature since childhood. I often spent my holidays in the countryside, where there are endless fields of wildflowers, a forest with berries and mushrooms, and herds of cows. Nature has become the main theme of my work; flowers, plants, animals and the ocean. Flowers are something that brings special aesthetic pleasure, their perfection, and variety of forms.

Are you a traditional or digital artist? What are your preferred mediums to create your designs and graphics?

I really love graphics. I always drew on paper with black liners, scanned and digitized drawings. I bought an iPad a few years ago, which made everything easier, but I still periodically return to traditional drawing materials.

Could you describe your design style?

My favorite style in design is black and white graphics, with lots of detail and sketch style. I love abstract work with interesting hand-drawn textures.

What is your favorite part of the designing process?

The very process of drawing is what gives me special pleasure, but collecting compositions and patterns from the drawn elements is no less exciting. A little less I like to attribute images and prepare them for sale, but this is such a routine that you can’t get away from.

Have you ever experienced creative blocks before? How did you handle it?

Creative blocks, of course, happen when it seems to me that there are no ideas, or everything that when you start to draw, it does not turn out as you intended. At such moments, I realized that I don’t need to persist, I need to disconnect from the process for a while and switch to something else; listen to music, go to some new place, visit an exhibition, or even watch an interesting movie or read a book. After a while, inspiration will surely return

Favorite Vector Set from Fancy Art

Do you have any advice or tips for future graphic designers out there?

I want to advise future designers to never give up, learn new things, look for their own style and their sources of inspiration, do not be lazy and constantly improve their skills.

If there is something you wish TheHungryJPEG could do for you, tell us.

I am very happy when my works are noticed, when they are bought and they get into collections and bundles.

Getting most of her inspiration from nature, this talented vector illustrator never missed to create bundles of eye-pleasing vector designs that could be incorporated into any artworks. As she stated in the interview session, the floral touches really give an elegant look in most of her designs. If you are looking for various vector designs that could grab immediate attention from the crowd, Fancy Art is the right place for you. Browse through the collections now and don’t forget to save yourself a copy!

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