Illustrator Of The Week: LoveWatercolorStore | TheHungryJPEG

Illustrator Of The Week: LoveWatercolorStore | TheHungryJPEG

Being an illustrator is not an easy job but this one passionate illustrator from LoveWatercolorStore has made it look easy! Wondering what’s her story of success and would like to read more about her? Let’s meet Lyubov, an inspirational watercolor illustrator who is very into illustrations and watercolors!

Could you tell us about yourself?

I live in a small town in harsh Siberia, surrounded by mountains and pristine nature. I often walk around the surrounding fields in search of inspiration, which can be found literally at every step of mine. I enjoy watching my youngest son play with his peers. The children’s world is filled with faith in magic as they believe in fairy tales and that makes them happy. They inspire me to create illustrations of the cute, fabulous world.

How long have you been in this industry?

I have been in the industry for about 3 – 4 years.

When did you know you wanted to pursue designing and start selling it?

Although creativity has always been my favorite and even a need, until I was 30 I haven’t even thought about seriously doing illustration.

In 2018, the existence of the creative market has become a revelation for me. I haven’t got a professional education in the field of illustration and I never attended the art school. I started with simple pictures drawn with ordinary children’s watercolor paints.

I had to combine my main job in the office and creativity. In the evenings and on the weekends, I spend all my free time drawing. I learned how to create characters, select a palette and I figured out the basics of illustration. To my surprise people liked what I drew and they are happy to leave admiring comments on each of my sets.

What inspires you the most? Where do you get your inspiration?

Often, when I leave the house, I can pick up a bouquet of simple wildflowers and see them as something more than just plants. I would like to believe that cute flower fairies live among the clover meadow, no more than a chamomile petal in height. And in the neighboring pine forest you can meet shy hares, red foxes, voiced woodpeckers and even an owl.

Sometimes I wonder, what if they, like us, visit each other, decorate the Christmas tree for the new year, and treat them to pumpkin pie on harvest day? And these remind me of why I really like illustrations by artists like Beatrix Potter, Hazel Lincoln, Susan Wheeler.

Are you a traditional or digital artist? What are your preferred mediums to create your designs and graphics?

I started with drawing pictures with regular children’s watercolors. Now in my work, I use professional watercolor paints and cotton watercolor paper. I like working with traditional materials. Watercolor can be different, they can be either saturated with bright summer colors or a subtle shade in combination with paper texture to convey the tenderness of the first spring flower.

Could you describe your design style?

There is an opinion that every artist has their own style. It is very difficult to assess yourself from the outside, but I can say that in all my illustrations, a single style can be traced. My direction is children’s kind of watercolor illustration in gentle colors, floral and animalistic.

What is your favorite part of the designing process?

When I create my illustrations, I love the stage of watercolor painting. The most difficult thing is to convert the image that is in your head on a piece of paper.

Have you ever experienced creative blocks before? How did you handle it?

I give a lot of strength and energy to draw. When my world was crumbling under my feet, I found solace in creativity, and it completely filled my thoughts with bright feelings. I create cute characters with smiles and feel the happiness on their lips. The world will become friendly and joyful again.

Now I am in a state of constant need to create something new. If I feel tired, I will switch to sports and devote my time to my family. As long as I manage to keep my balance, I will not  burn out from drawing, and I always want to draw better and better.

Illustrator’s Pick

Do you have any advice or tips for future graphic designers out there?

If you are at the beginning of your creative journey, then I have a few pieces of advice for you. First – if you have a desire to draw, give yourself free rein – just draw. Drawing is a skill so you have to train over the years. Even though you cannot draw an even circle right now, with practice you will definitely make it, or you can make the uneven circle as your style.

Do not be afraid of criticism, just listen to the opinion, and look at your work from the outside so you can improve your drawings. The main thing is that before you create a drawing, imagine it in real life. Like how your bunny is decorating someone’s children’s birthday cake. If you imagine an object that you need to illustrate, you can understand what exactly needs to be drawn; in what position and what needs to be added to complete the image of the product and color.

Remember, it is very important to think about color and it is possible to make several color combinations. Think about who will be happy with your creative works and you will succeed.

If there is something you wish TheHungryJPEG could do for you, tell us.

TheHungryJPEG gave me a unique opportunity not to feel the boundaries of this world. I am really grateful to the whole creative market team, happy to be a part of it!

New Release

As the store name implies, Lyubov loves watercolors and will never get enough of it. Getting inspirations from her son and favorite illustrators, Lyubov has illustrated ample watercolor designs that are filled with strong emotions and positive energy. Amp up your game design today with LoveWatercolorStore designs and thank me later!

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