10 Awesome DIY Craft Materials For A Better Week

10 Awesome DIY Craft Materials For A Better Week

It’s time for DIY crafts! In celebration of International Stress Awareness Week that has started on November 1st up to November 5th, TheHungryJPEG would like to grab this opportunity to share some DIY craft materials that you could use as your de-stressing activities.

Did you know that crafting can be considered as art therapy? It can provide peace of mind to the executors especially when they’re having tough times and struggling with personal matters. Regardless of whether you’re an art novice or experts, these affordable DIY crafts elements are perfect for you.


Stickers are known to be the most convenient and simple craft elements as they are easy to handle and can also be used on anything. Instead of buying ready-made sticker sets, why don’t you try on something new to de-stress? Let’s create your own sticker sets!

Preparing for Christmas could be tedious but you can check out these sticker packs to lift your mood while curating the decorations for Christmas. Enliven your Christmas with these cute packs that will only cost you less than $10 for each!

Other than Christmas, you can also find more sticker themes on TheHungryJPEG. Ranging from seasonal themes like Halloween to outdoor activities like hiking, THJ’s got it all. Not only that, the prices are all affordable too! Just browse through and you will eventually find a lot of engaging sticker packs.


Embellishments have become so popular. Crafter’s been using them for scrapbooking, decorating invites, cards and even for stationery. Check these out and do whatever that might help you to de-stress.

If you haven’t tried scrapbooking before, this week will be the perfect time to start creating one. Start off with a gratitude scrapbook to make you feel better about yourself. Trust me, this will help calm your mind. Don’t forget to include these embellishment packs in your scrapbook!

Coloring pages

Talking about art therapy, coloring activities are also great for de-stressing as it will switch your focus to the coloring pages. Stop thinking about things that will add up to your stress level and let the coloring activity take you out of that zone, instead.

The perks of incorporating coloring activities as a coping mechanism is, you could change the colored pages into some other DIY crafts like decorative hand-written letters, envelopes, page breaks for scrapbook and so much more. Creating more DIY products will add more fun and help you release stress better.

DIY crafts on Stress Awareness Week

During the International Stress Awareness Week, TheHungryJPEG is encouraging our HungryFriends from around the globe to include crafting as one of the coping mechanisms to de-stress. Crafting activities may take a lot of time but trust me, they are calming, soothing and able to help you manage your emotions and stress.

It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing ready-made DIY craft kits or starting from scratch, as long as you acknowledge how to manage your stress, you’re good to go. Don’t forget to visit TheHungryJPEG for more craft supplies and inspirations. Let’s indulge in crafting and till then!

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