How To Make Interesting DIY Folklore Book For Your Kids

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National Read a Book Day is just around the corner, but have you finalized your reading list yet? One suggestion, you can include reading folklore with your kids to enhance their reading and listening skills. Reading various types of folklore like folk tales are one of the best ways to encourage your kids to start reading. Other than improving their skills, it will expose them to other cultures and sharpen their memory.

Here is the design guide to prepare a DIY folklore book for your kids to make your reading activity even more interesting. It can be both; digital or physical books. Keep on reading to find out more!

Font Selections

One of the most important elements in a folklore book is its typography. For the body of the content, make sure to choose fonts with rounded and open counters to ease the reading process. Here are some suitable fonts that you can use for the body:

Honeywoods Font

How To Make DIY Folklore Book For Your Kids

Puffy Fluffy Font

How To Make DIY Folklore Book For Your Kids

These warm and friendly designs with generous letter shapes are suitable for young readers. Its playful styles will definitely intrigue your kids. Remember, you want to encourage them to read, not make them feel like giving up. Keep in mind to use simple sentences and keep a lot of white spaces around the body to avoid them from being distracted.

To add a little bit of fun, you may use different attractive fonts for the title and cover page. However, you still need to maintain the font’s legibility for the kids. Here are another two suggestions:

Kanote Display Font

How To Make DIY Folklore Book For Your Kids

A whimsical display font, perfect for any folk tale themes. Its uneven length between letters depict strong design yet attractive and playful visuals for the front page. This font type will serve its purpose; to attract your kids’ attention.

Lucky Spark Font

How To Make DIY Folklore Book For Your Kids

This enchanting script font is suitable for any fairy-themed folk tale titles. Its flowing curls and flourishes mimic femininity, making it perfect for such themes. Be sure to minimize the number of words if you’re using this font to avoid crowded visuals.

Take a look at all of the fonts shared, and choose what’s best for your theme and design. Next, here comes the fun part; choosing your folk tale and the characters!

Folk Tale Characters

Choosing a specific folk tale might be hard especially if you have tons of favorites! You may ask for your kids’ help and let them choose to make them feel anticipated with their new DIY folklore books.

At TheHungryJPEG, you can choose any character’s cliparts from various folk tales; either fables or fairy tales, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of it:

Watercolor Fairytale

How To Make DIY Folklore Book For Your Kids

Neverland Collection

How To Make DIY Folklore Book For Your Kids

Hidden Tower Collection

How To Make DIY Folklore Book For Your Kids


How To Make DIY Folklore Book For Your Kids

Wild Animals Clipart

How To Make DIY Folklore Book For Your Kids

Use any of these cliparts according to your folklore theme to excite your kids’ imagination while reading. You can find more storybook clipart on our website and use it in your folktale book for the kids. Either digital or physical, they’ll love it!

Sensory book

Other than that, you can also create them as sensory books. All you have to do is print out any of the characters that you’ve chosen on a card stock, and cut it out following the character’s shape. To make the characters pop-out from the book page, you need to use double sided tape to paste them.

To make it compelling, instead of drawing the trees or any additional elements for the background, you may also use felt fabric or any recycled items from your household for the sensory effect. Don’t forget to leave some white space so the kids will remain focused!

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And, that’s it! Hope you like the idea and don’t forget to share the outcome of your folktale books on National Read a Book Day, this 6th September! Tag us on our social media and get a chance to be featured. Till then!

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How To Make DIY Folklore Book For Your Kids
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