Love is in the air, and so is this Bundle!

by January 22, 2018


Could Monday ever get romantic? The answer is YES! With the all-new The Spring Romance Bundle by, it could be Valentine’s all day, every day. ♥ Speaking of Valentine’s, look no further to equip yourself with these holiday-themed essentials for your designs and DIY crafts for when love is in the air! ♥♥♥


What’s not to love about Spring, what’s not to love about Romance? What’s not to love about BOTH Spring AND Romance in one BIG Graphics Bundle full of lovely flower graphics, watercolor elements, heartwarming cliparts and seasons inspired seamless patterns! All this for only $23, normally worth $339.

Today, we show you 12 of our top picks from this bundle, simply because we LOVE them and we know you’ll LOVE them too!

1. Watercolor Winter Flowers

Although named after another season, nothing screams spring more than gorgeous blooms and warm colors. We honestly might just use this all year round though, it carries with it a certain timeless elegance. This set contains individual flower elements, floral frames and wreaths, seamless patterns and watercolor splotches! Perfect for DIY crafts of any sort.

So many ways to use these watercolor flowers. Complement those seamless patterns with plain backgrounds on your fabrics, or pair the beautiful floral frames with romantic handwritten typefaces for your upcoming Valentine’s greeting card. You could even throw some watercolor splotches in there too! 

2. Wonderdream Pastel Clip Art

These hand-painted clip arts could make you wonder if you’re in dreamland. Cool pastel colors that befit warmer seasons, the pretty animals and 
flower cliparts in this pack are warm to the heart though.

They come with a bunch of other tools that complement greeting or invitation cards for the season so you can make your own from scratch! If you’re looking to bring the coziness it oozes along with you wherever you go, get it printed on a nice cotton T-shirt for comfort throughout spring!

3. Happy Valentine Graphic Set

Quite frankly, we just can’t wait for Valentine’s. Also since it’s around the corner, we figured we should throw in some Valentine’s Day goodies for all of you, design and craft enthusiasts out there who always stay ahead. Come this holiday, you’ll be well prepared with all your DIY Valentine’s gifts, cards or crafts for your loved ones.

This Happy Valentine Graphic Set is too cute, we can’t help but fall in love. Use these hand-drawn graphics to decorate your crafts, greeting cards or even your website!

4. Valentine’s Gift Tags, Stickers & Tapes

Complement any of your DIY Valentine’s gift and craft ideas with these gift tags, stickers, and tapes that come in colors that are unconventional for the season but are lovely regardless!

Don’t be afraid to use gift wraps or anything with contrasting colors to create truly visually unique gifts this Valentine’s.

5. Watercolor Pink Things

Is it just us or is this season of love always filled with all things pink? Whatever the reason, it’s undeniable that cute pink things make you feel a little fuzzy on the inside, even if they’re random as ever. And who doesn’t want that during the season of love?

Want to shower some love on significant other this Valentine’s? Incorporate these cute heart seamless patterns in your Valentine’s DIY gift to create the ‘shower’ effect.

6. Cute Bears Hand-painted Collection

Aren’t all things cuddly great for both Spring and Valentine’s? There’s nothing that feels more cuddly than cute little bears! And these ones are hand-painted with extreme cuteness.

They’re cute everywhere, gifts, cards, on the web. Also, give yourself some cuddles. Just get these cuties on your cushion covers and you can cuddle these guys all season long!


7. Camellia Watercolor Collection

These floral designs are just too apt for the season. Well, come to think of it, flowers never go out of season. Especially these graphic watercolor flowers that you can use all year round!

Use these pretty seamless patterns to bring spring into your home this season. Get them on your cushion covers and curtains for indoor blossoms!

8. Valentine’s Doodle

So, most would say there isn’t anything more romantic than a handwritten love letter. We say these hand-drawn Valentine’s Doodles are just as romantic, if not more.

They’re simple yet so cute and we can’t help but melt a little each time we see them. Use this one for your significant other, be it a greeting card, on their gift wrap, a craft or whatever else you’re planning! We’re pretty sure they’ll melt a little too.


9. Floral Field Collection

We love the bright colors on these watercolor flowers, you can complement them with softer pastel colors or off-white, or even contrast them with plain dark backgrounds too!  

These hand-painted wild blossoms will go great on anything handmade or fabric. Use these floral designs to brighten up your home!

10. Be My Valentine Watercolor Clip Art

These colorful cliparts are and vibrant yet heartwarming, just the way your Valentine’s should be. Share these lovely colors with your loved ones.

Use these watercolor elements on your projects to share a colorful and vibrant Valentine’s with your loved ones.


11. Valentine’s Day Watercolor Animals

If you’re an animal lover, this one’s for you! These cute little guys in Valentine’s themed retro outfits are genius and out of this world.

Show your love for animals this Valentine’s with this pack. Or create a DIY Valentine’s gift for an animal lover you know, they’d fall head over heels in love! With the cute animals in here, of course.

12. Blush Cream Watercolor Flowers

There’s something about soft colors and flowers together. They take you to a place of heartwarming bliss.

Use these enchanting watercolor flowers on your sketchbook, craft, wedding card or anywhere you want to add a hand-painted feel.

Give yourself the gift of flowers and romance this season, get this bundle at $23, for a limited time only! So hurry up and get a good dose of lovin’!

Want more bundles like this one? At, we bring you weekly graphics and font bundles every Monday. That’s right, weekly! Premium graphic designs handpicked fonts and extras to add to your creative toolkit at a steal. So, stay tuned!


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