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As a fellow Lifestyle and Beauty blogger myself, I tend to gravitate towards websites and blogs that have awesome typography. Who doesn’t love to look at a magazine site like Vogue or Ebony? Beautiful typography speaks volumes for those who blog in beauty, fashion or lifestyle, since a majority of the posts will be equally text and photo based. Readers love when things are visually cohesive and pretty to be honest, when it comes to these types of blogs/websites.

Today I wanted to share a few combinations I think would be really great for the Beauty blogger, or the fashion website or the person who’s vested into sharing all about their life and ways to make day to day living better on their lifestyle based blog. As a refresher be sure to check out my previous font combo posts for some helpful tips on what to keep in mind when pairing up your fonts. A majority of today’s fonts includes free to use fonts readily available over at Google Fonts or Font Squirrel. (Be sure to also check out the free section here on our website, you may find something you can use to substitute for our suggestions).

The Modern Stylist Combo


Pairing up the serif font Playfair Display with the legible sans-serif font Six Caps makes for an easy read on any website. The combo is best suited for captions on your photos or using as headings on the website.

The Playful Classics Combo


I absolutely love the playful yet elegant and classic feel of the Aphrodite font. It pairs rather nicely with the clean cut Visby CF font. Aphrodite is considered your accent font in this case, so it would be used sparingly across a full website.

The Timeless One Combo


Pairing up the elegant and truly timeless Didot serif font with the newer Montserrat sans-serif font, lends to a truly ageless feel. Those who love a little luxe with readability would love this combo. It’s great for photo captions and use on the actual website. Where the Didot would be in place of the Headings and sub-headings and the Monserrat would be your body font.

The Bold Duo


Want to grab their attention and be modern feeling at the same time. I love the look of the Six Caps font paired up with Montserrat. They are both easy to read and together creates a stand out combo.

The New Old School


Libre Baskerville font has a really lovely old style  feel to it, and it plays nicely with just about any sans-serif font. Here it’s paired up with PT Sans.

The Easy Reader


Avenir is one of my most favorite Sans-serif fonts. It’s super easy to read, really nice curves and overall, it’s a pretty stylish sans. Paired up here with the Lora font, which has nice complimentary curves and makes a great body font. Lora comes in various different styles, but I find that the italic style is really beautiful when paired up with a sans-serif font.

The Chic Luxe One


This is undoubtedly my most favorite combo on the list, in fact, it’s the very same combo I use for my personal lifestyle and beauty blog. I really love Acta Display (in italics and all caps) paired up with Cardo for the body font and Raleway as the sub-headings. Here in the graphic you can also see how nicely they’d play together for photo captions.

The Bold & Beautiful Combo


Abril Fatface is a font that you just can’t miss. It packs a serious punch and is a beautiful bold font. It also plays really nicely with Cardo and pairs up well with the san serif font Open Sans. The Open Sans font comes in multiple weights as well, which makes it great to use here in it’s various weights depending on what you’re creating.

Fun and Quirky Combo


Another robust sans-serif font is Lato. It’s really a well designed font and it offers lots of weight variations too. It pairs nicely with Lora for those wanting a stylish yet very playful and fun feel to their blogs/websites.

The Grunge Love


Adding flare to your website and imagery on your blog is key to standing out in this saturated web world we live in. Playlist is a free font that offers a really nice grungy yet well structured feel that goes great with the Playfair Display font and Lato. Use the Playlist font to add visual interest and rather sparingly on your website.

The Big and Bold Combo


Sometimes it’s best to go bigger and bolder. Oswald font, is a sans-serif that is a taller font (similar to Six Caps) and that really lets you push your message across in a bold way! It goes great with Montserrat. I find that they work best together in all caps form, and as such, you may only want to use them together for your photo captions or for Headings and a Sub-Heading combo on your website.

Good for Photos


Here’s a combo you can try exclusively on your photos that you share on your blog or across social media. Try pairing up Yeseva One with Montserrat. Yeseva can be used as the sub-heading font like shown in the graphic, or alternately it can be used as the main Heading/title font in the graphic. Likewise the Montserrat font is so versatile, it can easily be the main focus font of the graphic or switched to the sub-title font.

Fashion Lovers


This next combo is mainly a suggestion for your photo captions and social graphics. It certainly aligns well with those who are fashion forward and have blogs/sites that are fashion and style centric. The accent font is Coco and the sans-serif complimentary font is Montserrat (told you, it’s one of those fonts that can be used in almost any situations).

Jazz Inclined


Articulat CF is a really nice sans-serif font, that offers many different weights and that can be paired up with just about anything. Here we have it with Glamor, a more stylized title font.

What’s your fave combo?

Share with us below some of the fashion based websites you love to visit, and the fashion/beauty font combos you just absolutely love! Tweet us as well your suggestions to @thehungryjpeg and @afroniquely. I’d love to see them.

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