Growing Businesses With 16 FREE Mockups From THJ

16 FREE Mockups From THJ To Grow Your Businesses

Product mockups act as dummies to showcase the look of the final product and it’s regularly used to present the product in real-life context. Before going for mass production or presentation to the higher ups, designers often use mockup to review feedback, make improvements or to display the end product of their digital prints.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a designer from a startup or someone from large corporations, TheHungryJPEG would love to assist you in convincing your clients and growing your business. Check out these FREE mockup types that you can use in your upcoming projects.

Book Mockups

These are the 3 book mockups that you can use to showcase your project in a photorealistic style. After you’ve  done with the tedious designing part, feel free to utilize these mockups instead of spending your money to print a physical book.

Showcase your advertisements or designs without having to spend a buck whenever there’s a massive amendment to be made. Tons of feedback?- keep them coming!

F&B Mockups

Do you crave food mockups? Welcome to TheHungryJPEG, where we serve various delightful mockups’ cuisine to satisfy your hunger. Check out our best “menu” and click download!

From canned drinks to takeaways – hope you love all the dishes! You’re just one click away from the new future of your design career. It’s time to make some new changes and improve your business.

Branding Mockups

Your startup clients demand for something outstanding to make their brands known. You’ve done a good job with the challenging designing process, so what next to convince your clients that your designs are the way to go? Branding mockups it is!

Here are some of the branding mockups that you can utilize to showcase your best designs and let your clients conceptualize how your works will simply suit their needs. Good luck!

Advertising Mockups

It’s crucial to choose the right fonts, graphics and other elements while designing for an advertisement. With mockups, you can visualize and review whether your typography choice and size will fit the advertisement.

With these mockups, you can share your final designs with the clients without having to print out everything. Let’s save more papers and your energy!

T-shirt Mockups

The best thing about t-shirt mockups is, it lets your clients view your designs in action. To make your designs more convincing, there’s a t-shirt mockup that includes a model, so you can visualize your final designs on an actual person.

Worry not HungryFriends, either with or without a model, we’ve got your back! Hope these will be a great help to assure your potential buyers.

Affordable Mockups

In case you’re looking for a specific theme for your mockups, here’s the list of stores. Do check them out!

  1. Floral and rustic-themed mockups: PawMockup
  2. Bundle deals for t-shirt mockups: My Mockup Studio
  3. Household-themed mockups: Milan Mockup

Or you can just simply visit and browse through all the mockups that we have on our website. We’re pretty sure that you’re going to love it!

It’s time to step up your design level and impress your higher ups with these FREE mockups from TheHungryJPEG. Wishing you best of luck in growing your business and organization. Feel free to visit TheHungryJPEG whenever you’re experiencing creative blocks. With our various selection of creative tools, we’ll get you covered! Hope it helps, till then!

Featured image by Milan Mockup

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