The 2019 Crafter Trend Forecast and how to master your craft design by 2020

The 2019 Crafter Trend Forecast: How To Master Your Craft Design by 2020

Just because something was handmade doesn’t mean it was easy to make. 2019 is the perfect time to uplift your craft work as a professional and think about upgrading your home-based craft business.

But before that, let’s see how the world’s trends have changed! Explore just how far you can break through your crafting comfort zone and make 2019 the most creative year by staying in the trend loop.

I will mention about:

  1. Terrazzo
  2. Collage Style
  3. Nature Theme
  4. Digital Cut File
  5. In Gold Texture
  6. Paper Craft
  7. Marble Texture


This style is also a part of the Memphis style that you can easily catch up to in packaging design or fashion magazine.  Terrazzo-inspired patterns are no longer just for floor tiles. After many decades, the terrazzo pattern itself has broken the old order and celebrated its own creative path, whether it’s in the surface of modern jewelry, in pillow covers or for branding and packaging.

Terrazzo & Marble patterns by Inna Moreva

Collage Style

This style has been developed and become more popular since the beginning of the 20th century. The interesting thing is that even a kid can craft a beautiful creation, and it should be easy enough to master this style and create an artistic effect. It is definitely possible to have a professional looking piece of wall art from a collage if you utilize the arrangement to make an awesome picture.

Salt & Paper Pattern by Lisa_kalev

Wall Art Inspired From Random Collage
Collage Vector Set by Fancy Art

Nature Color

This year Nature is one of the leading elements in Pantone’s choice for the color of the year.  When we close our eyes and try to visualize, it gives us images about coral reefs, vibrating coral in the sunset… So that is the reason they came up with Living Coral. Let update this color right away to your color library and make your own combo to play around with.

Best Week Ever Greeting Cards by Werlang Paper

Best Week Ever Greeting Cards by Werlang Paper

Another tip for you is that Living Coral is a perfect match with Blue (#4464B1) and Yellow (FFCF15)!

Collage Patterns by lisa_kalev

Besides Living Coral, palettes with nature-toned hues are also going strong. The typical color is green.

Greenery Color Combo by Inky Jar

Digital Cut File

If you’re showcasing your craft products on any online marketplace, I strongly recommend you to pay more attention to mock ups if you want to show off how good your product is. Showing a white digital cut file on a colorful background could be a trend this month.

Digital Cut File by Inna Moreva

In Gold Texture

Your crafted DIY project definitely looks more gorgeous and professional when it is applied with a gold or silver texture. If you are running a craft business, don’t forget to use this texture for refreshing your traditional products and see how this trend can make your work shine.

Luxury Marble & Gold Textures by Kristina&Co
Luxury Marble & Gold Textures By Kristina&Co

Paper Craft

Everyone loves paper crafts, even in 2019’s digital world. That’s key for keeping this printable model alive for a long time. It’s especially fun for your kids to join you together in with your paper craft projects. And it’s not just a normal craft, if you see how it looks below you will understand how amazing and artistic paper crafters can be. Paper is inexpensive but it still can for instance be folded, cut, glued, molded, stitched, or layered with a wide range of flexible techniques. How interesting!

DIY Scooter Model by Paper Amaze
DIY Papercraft by Paper Amaze

Marble Texture

Marble is definitely nothing new in 2019 but it’s true that everyone could say “Whoa” because of its inspirational feeling affecting to anyone. More and more modern designers bring it back and make it appear professional. It’s not too hard to see that this texture used to be trendy in 2017, 2018 and predict that it’s still trendy this year. It’s easy to understand that from design to art Marble Texture is everywhere. And of course, it obviously an awesome idea to apply to your craft projects. Start thinking of mastering your home-based business from now on: Notebook cover, cover case, pillow, card design, t-shirt design, bag, mug or even being able to product showcasing background… You just can try this texture with anything and see how it changes your craft standard.

Marble Maven by Graceful Market
Marble & Make up scene creator by Negative Space Design

86 Colorful Marble Textures by Favete Art

Let’s see how the trends go this year, and remember, keep practicing at your crafting trade. The year’s still new and awash with creative possibilities. What’re you waiting for? Combine your creative strengths with your business and grow to become a creative professional!

Source: Linh Pham

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