2019's Visual Trend Forecast: Make An Impact On Your Audience!

2019’s Visual Trend Forecast: Make An Impact On Your Audience!

Trends of the world are in a constant state of changing and evolving. If your visuals stay the same, even if the content used to be trendy and awesome, you’ll easily lag behind. Your brand’s voice won’t be heard in this modern fast-paced era of visual language. This forecast is researched based on 4 million viewers on the third most recognizable visual search engine worldwide, right after Google and Bing – Pinterest, on the last months on 2018. Any content marketers out there? Jump on the bandwagon and be a navigator in this visual industry to get more traffic.

The 2019 Visual Trend Forecast


The trend wheel is the model for influences. The trendy fonts for 2019 will focus on modern, unique simplicity. Here are 4 types of fonts that will be huge in this 2019.

1. Clear&Clean Serif and Sans Serif Fonts

Times New Roman is a typical example for Serif. Sans Serif are missing the line extension. (Sans means “without” in French). Though over decades the Sans Serif has dominated many sectors of branding, some fashion brands still find Serif a classical and novel inspiration for their brand.

We’ve noticed over the last months of 2018, font lovers started leaning toward the 3C style. (Psst, 3C stands for Classic, Clear and Clean.) That’s because these sorts of fonts are memorable and easy to match. They’re a perfect option for branding projects, product packaging and even magazine headers.

Stuck between choosing fonts featuring Serif or Sans Serif? You need to narrow down which works for the message you want to portray. If your message needs to be clear, choose Sans Serif. Do you prefer a classic look? Serif might just be your perfect go-to choice.

Kavaler Serif Font by VPCreativeshop

Elena Serif Font Family by VPCreativeshop

Uniclo Wide Sans Serif Family Font by Maulana Creative

2. Long Sans Serif

When regular sans serif fonts get boring to the eye, it seems like everything elongated can have a refreshed, professional appearance. These fonts received a whopping 20,000 views and impressions on Pinterest in a span of 3 days – that’s how eye-catching and appealing it is! 2019 holds a lot of promise for fonts with different and unique shapes – we’re so hyped!

Kalpazan Font Family by VPCreativeshop

Calcio Sans Serif by Sameeh Store

Musa Trilogy Display Typeface by VPCreativeshop

3. Font Duo

Do you know that, a combination of a modern and elegant sans serif with a script font will continuously be on trend this year? These golden font combos never get old for branding design. A well paired blend of serif and script, (choose a classic and modern style!) is totally perfect when combined for wedding invites, logo design, magazines or inspirational quotes.

Cool Font Duo by Maulana Creative

Madhouse Font Duo By CreativeShop

4. Handwritten Signature Fonts

Although people have a general impression that handwritten fonts have been used from the 19th century until now, most famous brands still use this font style. Designers far and wide still consider the signature font as one of the most inspirational fonts in this creative world. Signature fonts are great when used for:

  • Quotes
  • Travel and Stock Photos
  • Creative Events
  • Signatures, of course 😉

Raguel Signature Font by Resume Land


1. Geometric Shape

Shapes are definitely what we think of! When we create something out of points or lines, we usually get 3 common shapes: a triangle, square and circle. Geometrical shapes can be really creative, and makes designs more visually interesting. That’s why designers prefer using geometric shapes to create logos, vector art, avatars, and even t-shirt designs!

Geometric Logo by Devide Bassu

26 Geometric Logo Template by VPCreativeShop

Geometric Photo Masks by Dreamstale

2. Colofor Memphis

Every trend eventually makes a comeback. Memphis design used to be a leading trend in the 80s. People used to call it “Fake 3D” due to the flat effect in its concept. Usually, most people think about the bright design pattern that combines subtly between lines, geometric shapes, circles, strokes, and squiggles. An important thing is, Memphis is extremely eye-catchy because it’s lively, funky, lots of fun and shows you a direct intention to the design.

Also, highly visual sans serif fonts are popular choice for this combined design.

Memphis Trendy Geometric by Shark&Croc co

Memphis Set by Softulka

Memphis Style Business Card  by Felicity’s Creative Shop

3. Gradient Overlay with Photos

Photos? Oh yes, particularly nature-themed ones. When Pantone announced the color of the year, Living Coral – because nature is one of the leading elements in their choice. They chose this color to speak for Mother Nature’s visuals. Living Coral can be used as one of the main gradient tones. And when it’s combined with photos of nature, it creates a perfect inspirational theme.

Gradient Social Media Pack bLuuqas Design

4. Social Media Puzzle

Instagram Puzzle template by CreativeFolks

Everyone loves Instagram puzzle templates. They look a creative, display an attractive visual and makes your feed stand out. It’s also perfect for portraying your brand’s story. Once your audience scrolls down, they’ll see your visually appealing feed and go “Wow!”. Use the puzzle design to tell your story and provide an impact to your brand’s audience.

So, to sum it up:

Visual Trend Forecast for Fonts:

  1. Clear&Clean Serif Font
  2. Long Sans Serif
  3. Font Duo
  4. Hand-drawn signature font

Visual Trend Forecast for Graphics:

  1. Geometric Shape
  2. Colorful Memphis
  3. Gradient mixing with Nature Picture
  4. Social Media Puzzle

What’re you waiting for? Jump on the trend wagon and get your brand’s story out there.

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