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Sometimes, super fancy or bold fonts just don’t cut it for the designs we are working on. Through trial and error, we keep messing up the design, and then we wonder why it just does not seem to look right. Maybe, just maybe the fancy font that we at first wanted to use is the root of the problem. Then we glance at our font library, and see that we have no nice but simple fonts to use. This has happened to us many a time, and we have decided to sit down and compile a list of tall, skinny, condensed fonts for future usage. Preview for Tall Thin Fonts-min


Tall Thin Fonts You Will Love

Here are the fonts seen in the preview above, as well as some extra information just for you!

S P R O U T  by  Corgi Astronaut

Sprout Font by Corgi Astrounaut
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Sprout is a Sans Serif font, that is beautifully delicate. Useful for both formal and informal situations, this font is very versatile. Good for packaging design too (check out the images below), as it is easy on the eyes.


sprout 1


A S T R I D  by  Anastasiia Macaluso

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Astrid is a thin and tall decorative font that is unusual as well as quirky. It is a combination of strict lines and smooth curves, which is what the designer describes as ‘eclectic’. As the font stands out, it is good for logos, brand names, album covers and magazine covers.

astrid 1

astrid 2


T H I N  S T A N L E Y  by  Denise Chandler

thin stanley
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Thin Stanley is a tallllll sans serif font, perfect for making statements and filling in awkward spacing on your designs. This font is easy to pair with almost any calligraphy script, and make the combination look amazing as well. This font is great for text overlay on images, quotes and so on.

thin stanley 1

thin stanley 2


V E R Y  B E R R Y  S M O O T H I E  by  KA Designs

very berry smoothie
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A handwritten display font by font lovers favorite designer, KA Designs. The font comes in all caps, whilst the only difference is an alternating embellishment on the letter ‘O’. Great font for blogs, quotes, informal invitations and even book covers.

very berry 1

very berry 2


V E L V E T  P A N T S  by  Geekmissy

velvet pants by geekmissy
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This font is a less formal one, but filled with much more fun. This is an all caps font that comes with an uppercase alternate where each letter has swirly tops. Use the swirls for emphasis or to give character to a specific word. Fun for group t-shirts, logos, banners, and labeling household items.

velvet pants

velvet pants 1

W E E M  by  WildOnes

weem wildones
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Weem is a hand lettered serif font, which although looks playful, still carries a serious look to it. This font can also be used for formal invitations as well as in casual situations. A good choice for branding projects too.

weemweem 1


T O R P L E  M I N I  F O N T  by  Denise Chandler

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Torple is another skinny tall font by Denise Chandler. This stylish font can be purchased for only $3 and has 85 glyphs extra that include both upper and lowercase letters. It also comes in the simplest formats, OTF and TTF. This font is great for invitations, brand names, logos, and banners.

Torple 1

Torple 2


G E N T L E  G I A N T  by  On The Mark Designs

gentle giant
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A tall and skinny condensed font inspired by the designers towering husband. It comes with 38 hand drawn line illustrations, that sits perfectly with the minimalistic style of the font. This font is great for titles, branding, logos and most creative projects.

gentle giant 1


gentle giant 2


C A R L E Y  &  C O.  by  Skyla Design

Carley & Co
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This is a skinny all caps font family that comes with 3 versions for only $18. A condensed sans serif font, Carley & Co. is easy to pair with almost any type of font, be it cursive or bold. Therefore this font is great to use for wedding invitations, any formal invitation, print work and design.

carley 1



M I N T Y  M A R C H  by  Skyla Design

Minty march
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Another condensed font by Skyla Design, Minty March is a serif condensed font. Although it is somewhat cute, it can be used for formal print. A suggestion would be to mix it with an elegant thin script font, as it would combine well. More suggestions would be to use it for cards, invites, logo’s, and birthday invitations.

minty march 1

minty march 2


C O Y O T E  by  Josh O.

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Coyote is an uneven, handwritten, playful font. It is the best font for adding a personal touch to mugs, plates, bottles, journals and so on. Although all in caps, the lowercase is in small caps, thus allowing the user to play around with the baseline of the entire word or paragraph. Create unique specialised designs with this fun font.

coyote 1

coyote 2


T A L L  A B B E Y  by  Tom Chalky

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Lastly we have this font with an interesting back story. Tall Abbey was inspired by the handwriting of the designer’s partner. With a few tweaks into the body of the letters, this font came about. This font gives off a cozy country cottage vibe, and is great for cards, packaging for homemade products, or brand logos.



And that concludes our list of handpicked Tall Thin Fonts. But of course, there are dozens more waiting to be discovered on our site. If you have any suggestions, why not drop it in the comments below?

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Till next time!

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