$1 Cursive Fonts You Must Have

1 Cursive fonts you must have headerLet’s face it, we might just have a teeny tiny, little obsession with fonts.

Somehow using the right font for a project makes us feel a whole lot better compared to just using a random font. Just simply choosing a font doesn’t end up feeling right and irks us to the bone. Because of that, the collection of fonts end up growing, and growing, and growing.

But hey, don’t fret as we understand and empathize completely, because we are guilty of this strange obsession as well Shh… don’t tell anyone  😉

To save you the trouble of digging through the ever-growing collection of fonts on our site, here is a compilation of cursive fonts you must have, at only a $1 each!  Yes, you read that right, A DOLLAR.

$1 Cursive Fonts You Must Have

1. Estamilo Script

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estamilo 2

This hand brushed font is fun and flowery. Versatile, for anything that you wish to create, but especially suitable for formal invitations like weddings.

2. Just Signature

just signature
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A modern and stylish handwritten script, with the right touch of elegance and class. Perfect for any projects that need a touch of natural handwriting.

3. Bougenvil

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Bougenvil 2

Bougenvil is a glamorous, dramatically sensuous calligraphy script with a feminine feel. Something you would see used for the title on the cover of a romance novel. Great for formal invitations, logos and so much more!

4. Shellion

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shellion 2

Slightly similar to Estamilo, Shellion is a thicker hand brushed font with an irregular baseline. Suited to pair with any font that you already have, be it formal or casual.

5. Nometica

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nometica 2

Nometica is a slim handwritten font, that doesn’t look too overpowering or too simple. It carries well on its own or even over other images, with a minimalist presence. Great for fashion bloggers and magazines, but also good for other creative projects.

6. Magnificent 

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magnificent 2Like its namesake, Magnificent itself is ‘magnificent’. The typeface is strong, dynamic and full of confidence. Magnificent is a font that is right for branding, or even to headline a certain sub-brand.

7. Over the Sunday 

over the sunday
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over the sunday 2

Without over dramatic flair, Over the Sunday keeps it simple, neat and readable. Would look amazing as a quote on a t-shirt.

8. Pink Script

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pink script 2

An extremely quirky creative handwritten font, Pink Script looks good for both formal and casual usage. Gives off an edge for whatever it is used for.

9. Solitude

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solitude 1

Solitude is a handmade calligraphy font, with an irregular baseline but a regular cap height. Slightly dramatic but not overboard, so it can be used for formal projects as well.

10. New Wave

new wave
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new wave 2

This attractive font is a unique handmade calligraphy font. The body of each letter of the alphabet in this font set feels light and airy. New Wave is a creative font, and very suitable for branding use.

11. Andora Ardelion

andora ardelion
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andora ardelion 2

Andora Ardelion is a very elegantly written copperplate calligraphy font. With long elegant glyphs, the letters look like they go on forever.

12. The Love 

the love
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the love 2

This font looks like it floats, with such a thin bodice on the letters. This handwritten scriptfont is gorgeously minimal, yet elegant. Perfect for brand names, cards, quotes and even posters.

12 of these $1 fonts were specially curated for you, and we hope you found some that you would love to get your hands on. Even if you were to purchase all of them, it would only be $12 in total! 😉

What have you found in our $1 section ?

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