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Could you tell us about yourself? Where are you from, what do you do, etc.?

Hi! My name is Tanya and I am 32 years old. I’m a happy wife and mom to two adorable little boys. I`m a self-taught artist, graphic designer and illustrator.

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How did your design journey begin?

I loved drawing since I was a child and it has always been a passion. I never attended any art institutions, but I make effort to learn new techniques myself. I find it exciting and useful for my illustrations. Drawing, which was my hobby, turned into work after taking the first order of water colored  baby animals. After listing this product of water colored baby animals for sale, the response was very good. Since then I’ve realized that I have my own individual style, and I am able to draw really cute illustrations for the usage of other designers.

tanya kart cute watercolor animals set

Featured product: Cute Watercolor Animals Set


Where do you usually find your inspiration?

I love nature! I find inspiration from long walks with my family, on the beach, in the park …. As long as I am exposed to nature. What else could be better? Besides that, I pull inspiration from traveling. I like to explore new places. It helps contribute to the birth of new ideas.

tanya kart happy vacation

Featured product: Happy Vacation Summer Design Kit 


Any favourite design references that you can share that might be helpful for other designers, as well?

I really recommend Pinterest, where any designer or artist can find lot of inspiration. I prefer to use as it is a very useful photo bank. There are lots of awesome photos for different themes. All photos can be used commercially and therefore they are the perfect inspiration for drawings.

tanya kart collection of 4 sets girls

Featured product: Collection Of 4 Sets Girls


What are the most common design problems that you face?

The biggest problem are the pirate sites, where my products as well as artworks of another designers are placed for free.

tanya kart space toolkit watercolor

Featured product: Space Toolkit Watercolor Planets 


Final question, do you have any advice or tips for anyone starting to sell their designs?

I`d like to advise novice designers to not be afraid to express their individuality in their works, and to not create copies of existing artworks, but use the artworks of successful artists as a source of inspiration for their own work.

tanya kart fashion

Featured product:Fashion and Cosmetic Watercolor Collection

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