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Hi! I’m Carmen from Milowcostblog. I’m back again to show you how to create beautiful things using The Impressive April Bundle. This time, I’m showing you how to make your very own customised phone case!

Did you know, in the cliparts folder of TheHungryJPEG’s bundles, you can sometimes find really nice patterns that you can use for your own DIY projects? All you need is a little creativity and a printer.

This time, I used them to make cute cases to dress up my phone. I recently got myself a new phone and realised that I have yet to make it my own. I did however get a transparent phone case temporarily. So when I first browsed through The Impressive April Bundle and saw these beautiful patterns included, I had the idea to incorporate them into clothing for my new phone.

What you will need:

First step: Measure your phone size and design a file size that is a little bit bigger using your favourite pattern. I use Photoshop to do this. All you have to do is select File > New > type in the measured size. Then, just simply open your chosen pattern from The Impressive April Bundle into this file. If you would like to create more than just one case, you can paste your other chosen patterns in an A4 file and then print altogether in one go.




Once you have printed out your patterns, all you need to do now is cut out the shape of the iPhone. Draw the shape of the iPhone size onto the printed pattern. Then, put the cut out pattern into the case to ensure that it is the correct size. Don’t forget to cut out the camera hole too. Voila! You now have your very own customised phone case.

Clear-case-the-hungry-jpeg-milowcostblog1 Clear-case-the-hungry-jpeg-milowcostblog2 Clear-case-the-hungry-jpeg-milowcostblog3 Clear-case-the-hungry-jpeg-milowcostblog4 Clear-case-the-hungry-jpeg-milowcostblog5 Clear-case-the-hungry-jpeg-milowcostblog6 Clear-case-the-hungry-jpeg-milowcostblog7 Clear-case-the-hungry-jpeg-milowcostblog8 Clear-case-the-hungry-jpeg-milowcostblog9 Clear-case-the-hungry-jpeg-milowcostblog10

Now you can make all the pretty phone cases you want. You can find exceptionally beautiful patterns within this month’s Impressive April Bundle.

Clear-case-the-hungry-jpeg-milowcostblog11 Clear-case-the-hungry-jpeg-milowcostblog12

Have fun letting your creativity run wild! 🙂


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