10 Affordable Dog-Themed Projects For A Pawe-some Dog Week

10 Affordable Dog-Themed Projects For A Pawe-some Dog Week

A few days left before National Walk Your Dog Week, and what’s your preparation? Let’s celebrate the day to the fullest with dog-themed designs and go a little bit extra for this year by making preparations for it. 

National Walk Your Dog Week has been observed annually since 2010 to create and spread awareness on canine obesity and behavior. From October 1st until October 7th, dog owners are encouraged to go out for a stroll with the dogs to improve their health conditions. Check out these 10 affordable dog-themed projects to hype up the celebration!

Dog Paw Patterns

Let’s start with these two cute dog paw patterns. They’re specially designed for printed projects, making it perfect for textile prints. Tell the whole world that you’re a proud canine parent by rocking this design on your shirt during your morning stroll. With just $1, you can look good on National Walk Your Dog Week!

Here are another two dog paw patterns to widen your choice. Just like the previous, this design comes in two colors and you may choose any that suits your preferences. Other than textile prints, dog paw patterns can also be used for your scrapbooking projects. Who doesn’t love a dog-themed scrapbook filled with tons of dog pictures?!

Dog Quotes SVG

SVG quotes are always the best solution whenever you’re stuck with creative blocks and fail to come up with any ideas. Get these dog SVG bundle packs for $5 each, and you’ll get 40 SVG designs in total. These packs are perfect for doghouse signage, mugs, totes and so much more!

Here comes the bundle by everyone’s favorite, Beck McCormick. The Dog SVG Bundle comes with over 65 SVG files, just right for National Walk Your Dog Week. Utilize these SVG files and print it on a bucket hat to match with your dog-print shirt for a cute combo!

Dog-Themed Digital Papers

Last but not least, the versatile dog-themed digital papers. Ranging from $2 to $7, these digital papers can be used for various creative assignments such as scrapbooking projects, textile prints, invites, web designs and so much more! One thing’s for sure, those dainty paw prints will produce eye-grabbing visuals for your projects.

Celebrating on October 1st-7th

On a side note, let’s improve our canines’ health by taking them out for a stroll. Keeping them indoors for quite a time will bring no good and it’ll affect their health conditions and behavior. Spare some time for your dog during the first week of October, take them out and make them happy!

Add a little bit of fun by printing matching shirts for yourself and of course, your lovely dogs to make people notice. Share and tag your photos with #NationalWalkYourDogWeek on social media to spread the words. Happy National Walk Your Dog Week, hope you will enjoy and love your walking time together. Till then!

Featured image by SmartStartStocker

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