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Hi! I’m Carmen from Milowcostblog. This time, I have designed something a little different using TheHungryJPEG’s The Impressive April Bundle. As you can see, I truly make the most out of the bundles and the things I can make with them are endless.

The Impressive April bundle includes a collection that stole my heart: Cute Kids Scandinavian Set. This collection inspired me so much that I decided to design a board game – my very own version of Snakes & Ladders. I simply used the hot air balloons as ladders and the arrows as the snakes. Oh, and maybe a few unicorns here and there.

DSC_0675 This board game is fairly easy to make. All you need is the graphic prints found in the bundle, a dice and some glue. The board is designed in A3 size, but if you can’t print that size using your printer, I have also included an A4 size printable in 2 parts for you to print and then combine together later. Download the ready made printables here.

The printable also includes six tokens that I created using the graphics in this collection. They are of different characters so you will be able to choose your favourite one to play with. If you want them to be standing as you can see in the picture, all you need to do is fold them in half and fold the base outwards. Don’t forget to apply a bit of glue on the inside of the token where you folded them in half to ensure that they are securely put together.




Now, all you have to do is roll the dice and start playing. May the best player win! 😉


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