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Hi! I’m Carmen from Milowcostblog. I’m back again to show you how to create a cute little something using The Fabulous February Bundle. This time, I created some printable notebook covers, perfect to use for a weekly/monthly journal. I hope you like it!


I have designed three notebook covers using some of The Fabulous February Bundle‘s adorable clipart. To be honest, all the graphics and clipart within the bundle are so cute; perfect for designing gifts, bags, notebooks, or covers for weekly journals! Because you can never have too many cute stationery. 😉

First step. Just choose your favorite design and print it on a mid weight A4 paper. If you want to print it for a smaller size notebook, just simply print it in A5 size. You can find the printables here.

Now, for the inside of the notebook. This is completely up to you. You can use blank rough paper, color paper or you can even print the ready-made weekly planner I made included with the printable notebook covers. You can include as much paper as you like in your notebook.

notebook_covers_mlc_thj2 notebook_covers_mlc_thj3

Tip if you want to be environmentally friendly:
You can print enough pages to make up five or six weeks (approximately 1 month). This way, you can use a pencil to write in your journal and erase the events that have already passed or things you have ticked off your to-do list.

Once you have your stack of papers ready, fold them with the cover. To bind them together, you can either staple the middle part or attach the cover to the papers with some string/thread like I did. Just simply punch tiny holes at the center of your notebook and weave your string/thread true. Make sure you securely knot the string/thread in place so that it will hold your notebook together.

notebook_covers_mlc_thj4 notebook_covers_mlc_thj5

And there you go! Pretty notebooks for you to plan your days ahead for 2018. Jot down your on-the-go ideas or set reminders for yourself to ensure you don’t miss out on any of your list of things to do.

notebook_covers_mlc_thj6 notebook_covers_mlc_thj7notebook_covers_mlc_thj8notebook_covers_mlc_thj9

More ideas:
If you prefer a bullet journal, you can design your own pages and print them or you can even search up dot grid printable papers online.

If you already have an old notebook with a less than appealing over, just use these printables to cover that up! It’ll feel like you’re using a brand new notebook again.

notebook_covers_mlc_thj10 notebook_covers_mlc_thj14


Remember, you can always create your own designs using the thousands of graphics provided not only in The Fabulous February Bundle, but any of TheHungryJPEG’s amazing bundles found here.

I hope you have a good day! 🙂


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