Birthday Party Idea? Grab These 3 Designs For FREE Now!

Birthday Party Idea? Grab These 3 Designs For FREE Now!

Organizing a birthday party for your kids could be nerve-wrecking, especially when you cannot decide on the activities for the party. It is important to keep the kids occupied rather than letting them wander off, as I believe this is the scariest scenario you can ever imagine! But fret not moms, THJ comes to the rescue!

Design a birthday card

One of the budget-friendly activities you can consider for the kids, is crafting and creating their own birthday cards. You can easily download the birthday card templates for free! THJ offers a variety of FREE digital elements, and all you have to do is choose which elements to use, print, and cut it out for your little guests beforehand.

Digital birthday cards and wishes are cool, but you can never go wrong with a hand-made birthday card because every little thing counts! With crafting, the kids will definitely feel the thrill to see the products and they will learn to appreciate things better.

Here are the list of materials you may need for the activity:

  1. Printed birthday card templates
  2. Printed additional elements/designs
  3. Sharpie/Coloring Markers
  4. Glue

These 4 items will keep your little guests entertained and busy! Make sure you have enough designs and additional elements for them to play around with. Don’t forget to supply enough glue for your little guests.

If you are considering adding other designs and themes for your additional elements, you might also want to look at this animal-themed graphics pack. It’s gender-neutral with a lot of “totes adorbs” choices! You can encourage them to mix and match both designs too!

Birthday Party Idea? Grab These 3 Designs For FREE Now! - TheHungryJPEG Blog
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Crafting is for everyone!

While encouraging the kids, parents are actually taking part in the crafting journey with them. You don’t have to be worried, because your guests will love it! Crafting has a lot of benefits for the little ones, and one of them is developing fine motor skills.

Birthday Party Idea? Grab These 3 Designs For FREE Now! - TheHungryJPEG Blog
Photo from Digital Gems by TheHungryJPEG

Other than helping to strengthen the bonds between parents and their children, crafting will make the kids happy. They will keep the card and hang them on the wall because it has sentimental value in it. Trust me, a cute birthday card and a perfect gift is all they need!

Get your Birthday Girl happy with this gift idea!

One of the birthday gift ideas that will definitely get your birthday girl happy is, this FREE Rainbow Unicorn Pack. You can print it on a t-shirt and let your birthday girl wear it for the whole day, or maybe you would like to create a temporary tattoo for them, so they can show it off to everyone. Be it anything, they will surely love it!

I hope this article will help all the moms out there to organize interesting activities for their birthday party. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-timer or maybe an experienced mom, but I hope you find joy and love in crafting as much as I do. Till then!

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