FREE: 9 Packs Of Elegant Watercolor Flowers and Other Elements

FREE: 9 Packs Of Amazing Watercolor Flowers and Other Elements

Watercolor flowers and any watercolor-themed designs are considered a trend that has been followed by designers around the globe in recent years. The imperfections of the watercolor designs have made them look natural yet so stunning in any creative projects.

Slapdash and water effects will make any designs look exquisite and charming, making watercolor-themed designs highly sought after in designers’ projects. Be it for logo designs, business cards and web designs, watercolor touches will blow up your creative ideas.

Check out these watercolor design packs ranging from watercolor flowers, backgrounds and other watercolor elements. Don’t forget to include them into your projects for an elegant finish!

Watercolor flowers

Flowers and watercolors? Nobody could resist these two magical combinations! Its inconsistency and blob of paints will produce a very outstanding look for a design.

The fusion between several colors and strokes have made these watercolor flowers the most stunning arts ever! Suitable for home decorations, wall frames and even for invitation cards, these flowers will enhance your overall designs. Give it a try and thank us later!

Watercolor backgrounds

Other than watercolor flowers, watercolor backgrounds will also make a great wall frame that is able to grab immediate attention from your guests. The best part about watercolor backgrounds is their textured effect that pops out from the designs itself.

Get these two watercolor background packs and see it for yourself. A little heads-up, you might be obsessed with watercolor arts and couldn’t get enough of them after seeing these amazing designs. Be prepared!

Watercolor elements

Small elements like seashells, ribbons and birds with watercolor paints can also act as a design booster. They’re simple yet cute enough to make your designs noticeable.

Be it for textile prints, scrapbook embellishments or birthday decorations, these packs will come in handy whenever you need them!

Watercolor designs from TheHungryJPEG

If any of you are looking for free watercolor designs to be incorporated into your designs, check out the list above and download your own copy for FREE today exclusively from TheHungryJPEG.
On another note, if you would like to see more watercolor-themed designs from THJ, feel free to drop by our website or you can just simply click on the link for immediate results for watercolor arts. Hope you’ll love it, till then!

Featured image by Cornercroft

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