DIY: Plant Pins from Magic Plastic with Summer Graphic Bundle

DIY: Plant Pins from Magic Plastic with Summer Graphic Bundle

Original Spanish article by Carmen, article translated by TheHungryJPEG.

Today I bring you a very cool DIY: some brooches of plants using magic plastic. And I’ve done it in collaboration with The Hungry JPEG, using the resources of its June bundle.

It has been a long time since I collaborated with The Hungry JPEG, but if you visit the blog for some time, you may have noticed I mention this before. If you do not know it, I’ll tell you a little: it’s a website about graphic resources, whose main product are the bundles: lots of many resources together that we find them at a special price and that is very worth it compare to purchase separately that would cost you a lot more money. In each bundle we usually find many fonts, graphics, prints, textures, SVG files… And everything with a premium quality and is selected with good taste!

I use a lot of them, because as a designer I do really need renew resources and refresh my fan’s eyes. But I think it’s great for amateurs, and not only to design but also to craft, because, as I say, it brings many beautiful graphics that can be printed and used in scrap, snail mail, or any DIY. As I have done today πŸ˜‰


Also, a small surprise to you today! With the code milow20 you will receive a 20% discount in the June bundle. I mean where could you find such a nice bargain for design resources right? 48 typographies and 43 graphics packs… In total, more than 2,500 precious resources.

When I saw this bundle had lots of plant graphics which are beautiful and I was sure that I would come up with something. And that’s how it has been! With them I created some brooches with magic plastic that I am delighted with.

To make them, I used:

β˜… TheHungryJPEG’s June bundle

β˜… Printable magic plastic

β˜… Safety pins

β˜… Contact glue

β˜… Scissors

I had already used magic plastic on some occasions, but not printable. This time I bought this on Amazon, and it is true that it has been great. It can be used in any cartridge printer (the ones we usually have at home) and it looks very nice.

The first step was to design the brooches in Photoshop. For this, I used the resources that came in the bundle, both the plants and the typefaces. Just remind you that the magic plastic greatly reduces its size, so I did one three times bigger than I wanted in the end brooches.

We print the magic plastic and let the ink dry for 15 minutes. Next, we cut out the pins in the way we want. The magic plastic will then get hard and increase the thickness, so it can not be cut afterwards.

We must follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In my case, I placed the designs on a flat cardboard, and put them in the oven at low temperature (previously heated) about 3-4 minutes. At first, the plastic will twist , but then it will be completely flat.

It’s time to get it out of the oven. If anyone has been a little twisted, just take it out of the oven. It becomes cool and hard very quickly, so ideally, you should have prepared to take the brooches out the oven right away in the moment it turn twist into flat. You’ll see in the photos that they were a little bent because I took more time to let it out the oven. πŸ˜‰

It’s amazing to see the process, I’m always stuck!

Now it’s time to let our brooches cool down completely and we already have the pieces! Hard, resistant and most beautiful.

To put the safety pin behind, do not get too complicated. With a little contact glue is enough. Of course, let dry well before placing it on any item of clothing. And ready! I already have my new plant brooches, perfect for boasting that I am a little plant geek, but I love taking care of my little ones. πŸ˜› The truth is that I love how they have been. The bundle graphics are such a perfect match for my project!

And some brooches I just printed out directly from the bundle without redesigning because I feel they did not need much more (like the greenhouse), but combining them with nice typographies and some ingenious phrase, they look cool and so unique!

It’s totally perfect to carry in your backpack, as I put it, but also in our denim jacket, or simply to decorate a shirt or any other garment. They are too pretty that I want to take them all summer!

As you can see, I am delighted with them and also with the June bundle, which brings precious resources and with which you can do a lot of things. I’m in love with it!

DIY: Plant Pins from Magic Plastic with Summer Graphic Bundle - THJ Blog
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✌️ Happy Creating! ✌️

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