lightroom presets for wedding photography

Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photos


lightroom presets for wedding photography

Capturing beautiful images for happy couples is an exciting process. Creating a look and feel unique to their special day can easily be enhanced thanks to the help of some affordable presets. If you use Adobe Lightroom as part of your photography editing workflow, you’re in luck because there are so many affordable and beautiful options to choose from. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite presets for wedding and portrait photography for you to explore. From elegant, to vintage, pastels, or matte, there is something for everyone, depending on the desired look.


Wedding Lightroom Presets Collection

A comprehensive collection of 30 presets created specifically for editing wedding photos. This bundle allows you to quickly add a professional and cohesive finish to all of the beautiful images from the happy couple’s big day.


Film Wedding Lightroom Presets

Add film inspired romance to images quickly with these 30 film inspired Lightroom presets. Great for a number of photography applications, these presets are great for wedding, portrait, and creative photography. Options range from black and white, elegant to rustic and offer a variety of creative options to achieve the look you desire.


Soft Pastel Lightroom Presets

Quickly add a soft dreamy touch to images with these pastel presets. With 20 options to choose from there is plenty to let your imagination go wild. From Lavender, Haze, to Heather, and Vivid you can adjust the look and feel of any image with ease.


Matte Lightroom Presets

If it’s a matte look you’re after then you’ve got to try these 20 matter Lightroom presets. With options for monochrome, vintage, cross processing and toning, you can quickly adjust your images for a cohesive look.


Portochrome Lightroom Preset Pack

Add an editorial feel to your wedding and portrait photography with these 30 Portochrome presets. Inspired by old-school chromatic and slide portrait films, these will add beautiful tones to your images.


Lilac Lightroom Presets Pack

Wonderful for flowers and greenery these 7 presets with 15 variations add a beautiful moody tone to images. Ideal for beauty, fine art and fashion photography, this is a great addition to any photographers set of tools.


80 Wedding Lightroom Presets

This big bundle of 80 affordable wedding presets is great to enhance images and add beautiful colors and effects. Great for portrait and fashion photography as well, these presets have a number of helpful applications.

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