T-shirt Designer Of The Week: Universtock | TheHungryJPEG

T-shirt Designer Of The Week: Universtock | TheHungryJPEG

In TheHungryJPEG you will find various creative supplies to feed your crafting needs including bundles of font, cliparts and even ready made t-shirt designs. This week, THJ lets you into the career journey of a t-shirt designer which spans more than 10 years in this field. Read more about our interview session with Rama, the Universtock’s store owner.

Could you tell us about yourself?

My name is Yehuda Ramadika, usually called Rama. I am a freelance graphic designer who has been in this field for  about 7-8 years and I started to focus on the digital world and the marketplace for the past 3 years. Now, I’m focusing on making projects for t-shirts or merchandise designs. It’s been more than a year since we created a small team of 5 people to work together in making many products to sell on the marketplace.

How long have you been in this industry?

I have been in this industry for about 1 to  3 years.

When did you know you wanted to pursue designing and start selling it?

Around 3 to 4 years ago, I did research on digital assets and the marketplace. Since then, I’ve decided to start making and selling them.

What inspires you the most? Where do you get your inspiration? 

I am inspired by simple things around me like words, images, my own thoughts and experiments that can be poured on t-shirts and merchandise. There is no limit for me to get my inspiration because wherever I am, my mind can’t stay still and always try to create something new.

Furthermore, market conditions and seasons always remind me to follow the trends and create unique works. I also have to be realistic because I realize that even though I create works, I also need to sell them to the right target market in order to get sales. This has become an inseparable unit.

Are you a traditional or digital artist? What are your preferred mediums to create your designs and graphics?

I am a digital artist and all of my works are equally poured into digital media

What is your favorite part of the designing process?

When I imagine myself standing on a high mountain, I research and see how many designs in this digital world. I sort and filter what themes I will use for my t-shirt and craft projects, and finally, I can select a theme that is right to be made into work. After that, the fun process of creating the work will follow. To be honest, because I am also a leader to my team, I must have a strategy to give projects to my team, so that the project can run quickly.

Have you ever experienced creative blocks before? How did you handle it?

I’ve experienced creative blocks before. I realized it’s because I’m a perfectionist and sometimes making it hard for me to think of some trivial and simple things. The key is to be aware of the little things around you and turn it into an interesting inspiration. I put my mind at ease and let it wander freely.

If I get stuck in one direction, the creative blocks will occur because I will continuously limit my thoughts. But if I challenge myself and dare to explore, there are many things that can be used as a source of ideas.

For example, living dogs can be animated as cute dogs, playing dogs, sleeping dogs and so much more. It can be a theme propagating to another theme but still in the dogs category. This is one example of how I’m developing my idea. We can also make us of objects, problems, trends, seasons, and hobbies around us to be processed into sources of inspirations and ideas.

T-shirt design from Universtock

Do you have any advice or tips for future graphic designers out there?

One needs to hold on to their own principles and preferences, but here are the tips that they have to follow in order to be successful. Be unique, quirky and different to stand out from others. Either in terms of contents or styles.

There’s a saying, “Don’t follow your competitors’ run, don’t follow your competitors’ dances”. So you have to create your own style and your own way of doing things differently. Don’t forget to keep going despite any challenges to find your own version of success.

If there is something you wish The Hungry JPEG could do for you, tell us.

THJ works very well and has a strong brand in terms of themes, colors and excellent products. It’s because THJ always wants to look the best and neat. If I’m allowed to give advice, I’d like THJ to open up the design market for POD use and licensing. Allow craftsmen and t-shirt designers to enter the marketplace while maintaining the images, characters, and quality of the THJ brands.

To move the wheels of a large market is indeed difficult, but it can be done gradually. I say that because I’ve received several invitations to submit my products on their new website design for POD. Many new websites have sprung up to cater to the needs of this massive moving POD market. Thank you very much, I’m sure TheHungryJPEG will always develop their unique ways and characters.

With a great number of experience in the specific field, Rama knows how to play with the surroundings and twist them into inspirations. Focusing on SVG files and t-shirt designs, Universtock offers such affordable designs for all crafters and other designers around the globe. Ranging from cutesy to adventurous themes, Rama has it all. If any of you are looking for ready-made designs for shirts, visit Universtock now to purchase your copy today.

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