TheHungryJPEG “Featured Designer” Interview with Sparkal Designs

Could you tell us about yourself? Where are you from, what do you do, etc.?

Hi, I am from the Pacific North West. I am in the education field as my main gig, but my designing business has taken on a life of it’s own and consumes all my free time. I enjoy the creative outlet that it gives and relish seeing projects completed using my designs. I’ve been designing for over 9 years, commercially.

Sparkal Designs

How did your design journey begin?

Truthfully, I began offering my designs commercially during the recession that hit the Northwest 10 years ago. We needed a new revenue stream to supplement, due to the housing market failure. It took off, and now I’m hooked.

Mother's day cutting file

Featured product: Mother’s Day Cutting File


Where do you usually find your inspiration?

I’m a country girl, so the Farmhouse theme draws me in and my designing reflects that. I like rustic, chippy & vintage decor, so I tend to follow that in my creations. Living in the NW helps sustain that inspiration!


Featured product: Valentine SVG Cutting File


Any favorite design references that you can share that might be helpful for other designers as well?

I’d advise to stick you your style. If it draws you in, you’ll find a niche market for that style.


we made a wish

Featured product: We Made a Wish & You Came True

What are the most common design problems that you face?

Lack of time, lol! I wish I could clone myself for more production. There are so many more facets to this business in addition to creating the designs, that all take time to create, market and prototype the end product.

The Vintage Stencil Bundle

Featured product: Bundle of Vintage Country Farm Designs for Wood Sign Stenciling

Final question, do you have any advice or tips for anyone starting to sell their designs?

If you stay in the style that feeds you, you’ll find success. Don’t just try to follow the trends.

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