How To Celebrate World Sight Day On October 14th

How To Celebrate World Sight Day On October 14th

In preparation for World Sight Day on October 14th, TheHungryJPEG would like to encourage our HungryFriends to take part in the campaign day and spread awareness on the importance of vision care. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 285 million people who are visually impaired and 80% of the total cases are actually preventable.

Little did we know that there are people out there who still can’t afford a pair of glasses and vision treatment thus adding to the number of cases. With the theme “Love your eyes” for the global campaign, we at THJ are delighted to play our part during the D-day.

Get involved on Social Media

This is the day for you to get involved on your social media and spread the word to others. If you’ve done this multiple times before, kudos to you and keep going. We would love to see your active participation during the campaign day. For first timers, here’s a guide for you on how to take part in the global campaign using your social media accounts.

1. Create interesting infographics for World Sight Day

Instead of writing a long caption or text, you can create infographics to share the knowledge with your followers. The best part is, THJ has a couple of affordable templates for you! You can design your banner, flyers or any other mediums for the campaign with these designs.

On the other hand, you can also use this test chart and conduct a fun activity with your kids. Check their vision’s score and share useful information like how to take care of their eyes.

2. Share your World Sight Day’s SVG projects

Another fun way to do it, you can share your pictures while wearing your glasses or any glasses-theme outfit that you have in your wardrobe. In case you don’t have any, do not fret because we’ve got your back! Get yourself a plain shirt, bucket hat or anything, print these cute SVG files on them and you’re all set!

3. Let’s get crafty!

There’s always room for crafting! Draw your kids’ attention to participate in the global campaign by conducting fun, hands-on activities for them. Other than exposing them to the World Sight Day, crafting can also help them improve their sensory motor skills. Check out these craft files.

It doesn’t matter how you’re going to play your part during the World Sight Day, but make sure to get involved as much as you can on your social media and spread awareness to the whole world. Let them know that it’s important to take good care of our vision and encourage them to visit their nearest optical shop or clinic to give their eyes a check.

Post your pictures on October 14th with the hashtag #WorldSightDay, #SightDay and #LoveYourEyes. Together we create awareness and be better. Till then!

Featured image by Ylivdesign

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