It’s Time for a Brand New Bundle!

Bring That Bundle Back!

It’s Monday again! If you need a reason to celebrate the start of this brand new week, we have got BIG news for you! Announcing the arrival of our brand new bundle – The Big Font Bundle Vol. 02! Boy, what a way to beat the Monday Blues. Phew!

The Big Font Bundle Vol. 2

Why We Love This Bundle?

Just like our previous bundle, The Big Font Bundle Vol. 01, this one’s all fonts. It’s from our super popular Big Font Bundle series with a whopping 125 handcrafted fonts by Maulana Creative that are so versatile you could use them for anything, literally. For a limited time only, this font bundle is priced at $19, definitely a bang for the buck as it’s normally worth $1295!

That’s not all! We’ve also packed in tonnes of extra graphics, patterns, swashes, textures, logos, and mock-ups, all included in this incredibly low price!

Today, we pick 10 of our favorite typefaces from this font bundle to inspire you to creatively incorporate them into your various design projects.

1. The Axwell Brush Font 

Axwell - The Big Font Bundle Vol. 2
Axwell – The Big Font Bundle Vol. 2

We love the bold strokes on this brush font. Want to make a statement with a typeface that exudes an authentic hand-painted font feel? Look no further. This one has some serious ability to invoke raw emotions when paired with the right message and colors.


2. The Little Kittens Script Typeface

Little Kittens - The Big Font Bundle Vol. 2
Little Kittens – The Big Font Bundle Vol. 2

We can’t help but love this adorable script typeface, Little Kittens. Its neatness doesn’t take away from its traditional calligraphy style making it super sleek and classy at the same time. Oh, and you get free cat vectors with this one!


3. The Dounats Script Typeface

Dounats – The Big Font Bundle Vol. 2

The Dounats Typeface is a really fun and quirky handwritten font. What makes it unique is the high contrast between down and up strokes. Make these cute fonts pop out with the help of a contrasting color in the background.


4. The Hard To Love Brush Font

Hard To Love – The Big Font Bundle Vol. 2

Talk about a paradox! Contrary to its name, this brush font, with the feel-good vibes it exudes, is hard NOT to fall in love with! What’s more, it even comes with a set of swashes for perfect finishing touches. This hand-painted font complements nature-themed backgrounds like ketchup does for fries.


5. The Jarvish Blurry Brush Font

Jarvish Blurry 1
Jarvish Blurry – The Big Font Bundle Vol. 2

Yet another brush font that’s unique. This one feels like a nice mix of vintage and modern and emanates a “live on the edge” vibe. Use this anywhere you want to create a carefree vibe!


6. The Lote Santos Script Typeface

Lote Santos – The Big Font Bundle Vol. 2

How often do you come across a script typeface that looks somewhat masculine yet pretty at the same time? For all the times you thought a script typeface would be nice but a tad too feminine, Lote Santos could have saved the day. Fret not, it’s still not too late!


7. The Palm Brush Font

Palm – The Big Font Bundle Vol. 2

We love this brush font for so many reasons. Feels much like a properly hand-painted font that uses a generous amount of thick paint. It’s neat, legible, yet fun at the same time. Use this typeface in any of your projects to give it a handmade feel.


8. The Rabbit Hole Typeface

Rabbits Hole – The Big Font Bundle Vol. 2

This one feels reckless, yet emits a kind of confidence. This typeface is perfect to make bold statements, even controversial ones.


9. The Rohtwo Script Typeface

Rohtwo – The Big Font Bundle Vol. 2

We just can’t get over the unique rounded edges of each character that makes this handwritten font so different. It’s classy, visually appealing, yet so simple all at the same time. Use this on a wedding invitation card, fine dining restaurant menu and anywhere else that should scream ‘classy’ and this typeface would do just that.


10. The Rustic Station Script Typeface

Rustic Station – The Big Font Bundle Vol. 2

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s just you, or handwritten fonts when used well, makes one’s heart melt a little. It really isn’t just you. But this script typeface is a little different. Moves you just as intensely as any other script typeface but to a place amusement and whimsical wonder.

All these lovely fonts and MORE in the The Big Font Bundle Vol. 02,  at only $19 for a limited time only. So hurry up and check this bundle out right now!

Want more bundles like this one? At, we bring you weekly graphics and font bundles every Monday. That’s right, weekly! Premium graphic designs handpicked fonts and extras to add to your creative toolkit at a steal. So, stay tuned!

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