Behind the scenes: The literal art of blogging

It is more than just words. Find out how you can utilize TheHungryJPEG’s themes, fonts, graphics, and creative bundles to build the blog of your dreams!

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The first thing that usually comes to mind when thinking about blogging is simply WORDS.

You’ve also heard about the lucrative world of blogging and thought to yourself, “Getting paid to put words down on a document and then posting it online a couple of times per week? I got that, easy peasy.” Perhaps, for some.

It is a common misconception to quickly assume that blogging is a fairly simple, straightforward, and fun job to do.

Quite often so, these assumptions are far from that as though seeing a mirage in the desert. People will quickly come to learn that there are more loose ends that requires some knot-tying efforts, and that blogging is COMPLICATED. There’s so much to keep in track that it can be an easy decision to throw in the towel. Whether it is the fonts, themes, layout, designs, branding, and so on, all of it comes down to your decision — the voice of the blog!

With TheHungryJPEG, we want to provide the easiest and best experience for our bloggers. Avoid having to over-evaluate the nitty-gritty parts about blogging, and just focus on the blogging itself!

“How is this possible?” You asked.

“Don’t you guys just have graphics and fonts?”

Yes, it is fairly true that we do. However, we are not just limited to those options. We want our bloggers to know that TheHungryJPEG is here for you!

Here’s how you can make the best out of TheHungryJPEG’s marketplace to give your site a new look!

  1. Have a theme

It’s not just about having a theme, but the consistency in the outlook of your blog. Create a blog that’s unique and eye-catching to make your readers think, “Hmm… this page looks interesting. What does it have to offer me?”

It’s similar to how you would want to look your best on a first date to impress that special someone to keep them interested long enough for them to say, “I want to know more about you.”

Let’s face it, humans judge by appearance; it’s only in our nature.

You want your blog to look unique. While picking out a generic theme from the WordPress catalogue may be free to your advantage, it also means that your website is likely to look like every other person’s website out there. The decision is similar to not wanting to show up to your first date dressed up exactly the same as another person sitting next to you in the restaurant. How awkward is that? Stay away from the lacks of originality!

Hence, TheHungryJPEG provides a wide selection of themes that are unique to help startup and existing bloggers with the ability to customize your page based on your own personal style.

Notice the “THEME” tab on the top of our website page? Hover your cursor over it and the drop down options of “HTML/CSS”, “Tumblr”, and “Wordpress” is what you’ll need to have a ready-made theme set up on your site.

You will find tons of layout designs suited for all kinds of blogs — travel, fashion, food, lifestyle, culture, etc. It’s great for new startup blogs to take advantage of the theme, let it do most of the heavy lifting, and for you to just customize it however you wish.

Cacao Geneis Child Theme by Candies & Pixels
La Pura – WordPress Blog Theme by ThemeNeo
Soman Portfolio WordPress Theme by Transvel
Risto Theme by Khrysta Design

2. An eye-catching header

Pair your new theme layout with a thoughtfully designed header to engage your target audience.

In today’s growing blogging industry, you don’t want to be just another fish swimming in the sea. Designing a header for your blog is critical as it is the first design element that your viewers will see when they land on your blog. Creating an eye-catching header with a little character that differentiates your blog from others will turn you into the perfect catch.

Another way to think about this is, “How is this blog going to be remembered?”

To be remembered, means a distinctive and original blog header that usually includes the logo, tagline, and any other branding — making it a significant part of your site. A one time purchase of TheHungryJPEG’s bundles will provide you everything that you need to design a header from fonts to graphics to background designs. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on purchasing each design element. A bundle also gives plenty of options to choose from that you can mix-and-match and customize to fit your header design!

Go crazy with all sorts of ideas! Perhaps, pairing your typography with illustrations? If you’re a font-centric person, opt for an expressive typeface or maybe a textured script typeface. Or you could also just keep it simple and minimal with just a plain text in black font.

Risto Theme by Khrysta Design

3. A symbolic logo

Are you still with me? You probably think that your blog does not need a logo. Well, think again.

A logo is a memorable symbol used to represent a company, brand, or an organization to help establish some credibility as a leading provider to a product or service in the marketplace. It builds reputation to what the public will immediately associate with the organization it represents. It is also what the public sees to distinguish an organization from its competition.

Your logo should be well incorporated with everything that you do in your blog. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the logo is cohesive with the color scheme and header of your blog.

Logos can be a wordmark, lettermark, brandmark, or a combination.

A lot of thought is required to put into designing a logo; there’s the shape, size, and color element to think about. According to JUST Creative, an effective logo design should be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate. It can be hard to find that one symbol that represents your blog as a whole. Hence, TheHungryJPEG’s 5 quicktips for logo designing and Pinterest Logo Template Board is a great tool to help you get started.

Premade Watercolor Logo Creator Kit by Skyla Design

Feminine Logo Creator Kit by Navi Singh

Spring Vibes A-Z logo designs by Vladfedotovv

4. Persistence and patience

Photo by Icons8 team on Unsplash

Because Rome was not built in a day. The art of blogging and how to succeed in it is none other than constant persistence and mastering the waiting game. It is the act of never backing down, even when you’re not getting the support that you were expecting to get, or when there’s absolutely no ideas for content conjuring up in your head.

It can be seem dead-ended plenty of times when you’re not getting any traffic to your contents and your followers count have remained stagnant for weeks. Reading those “Gain 10,000 followers and make millions overnight” books are not helpful either.

We’ve all been there. It is very common to lose interest in your own blog just because you’re not getting the expected results NOW.

This could all be avoided with the proper planning beforehand. That being said, start your blog with a purpose. It could be a single purpose or even multiple, so long as none of them are clashing with each other. As you’re sitting in front of your computer staring at the screen, take a long hard think and ask yourself why do you want to start a blog? What might seem like a pretty simple question is actually key in helping you sustain your blog in the short and long-run to narrow down your niche audience.

Once that’s been figured out, it is all about punching the keys to type, type, and type away. It is also having the right mindset of being prepared to work and fail and try again and fail, but never giving up. There is an exponential growth that needs to be endured to become a persistent and patient blogger.

Unfortunately, it is not for everyone.  

Which is why the persistent and patient ones are the most successful bloggers out there. Surround yourself around persistent and patient bloggers to push you forward despite facing halting obstacles.

It will all pay off, maybe not now, but hopefully in the long-run.

Where do I go now?

Photo by Dekeister Leopold on Unsplash

Well, this is completely up to you. If you can come up with a quick get rich in a day blog scheme, by all means, go for it!

On the flip side, you want to connect with your audience, who will appreciate your posts and relate with your ideas. At the end of the day, you are writing for your readers that no get rich instantly post can do to satisfy their needs.

Help! I still don’t know how to jumpstart my blog!

Our friends at Tiny Love Bug is the ultimate resource for you to start a blog. This lifestyle blog provides great blogging tips, hacks, and some entertaining humorous posts on the side! To all you newbie bloggers, this is the tool for you to help you get started and running.

Click here to read on my conversation with the ambitious, creative, and wonderful co-founder of Tiny Love Bug, Lucrezia.

Share with us some of your blogger tips! What tips can you add to the list? What are the struggles do you face as a blogger?

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