National Love Your Pet Day: 3 fun crafty activities that you can do for your pet this weekend

20th February is National Love Your Pet Day. Not to be confused with The National Pet Day (which falls on April 11th). National Love Your Pet Day is the day where you show additional appreciation towards your pets. This day is about celebrating the bond you have with cats, dogs or even reptiles if you have them as a pet.

With that being said, we have gathered fun crafty activities that you can do for your pet this weekend for the National Love Your Pet Day.

Design a special bowl for your pet

Is your pet still using a regular plain bowl? Since National Love Your Pet Day is about showing appreciation, your pet would appreciate the gesture of having a new bowl this year. 

It’s time to take your bowl game to the next level by designing a bowl for your pet. It shouldn’t be hard and we have made it easy and fun for you. All you have to do is print a waterproof sticker on an adhesive paper – Stick IT and it’s done!

On TheHungryJpeg, there are many interesting choices of clipart to choose from for your stickers. Some may even bear the resemblance of your pets. Below are a few recommendations you can choose from. 

Sew a pet collar

Sewing a pet collar is another activity you can do on National Love Your Pet Day. Pet owners usually purchase a pet collar but through this project you will end up with a new skill too! 

Those who are not equipped with sewing skills, fret not! Besides, it’s never too late to learn. There are tons of tutorials on how to sew a pet collar on the internet. Depending on your sewing skills, there are tutorials for beginners and experts.

For this craft project, the main task is the pattern you will be using for the collar. As the pattern of the collar is the main appeal, it’s important that you make the right decision! Of course there are ready-mades at your nearby craft supply stores but if you’re feeling extra, TheHungryJpeg has a variety of patterns to choose from that you can print for your fabric. 

Bubble quilts for pets

Does your pet share the bed with you? You may change that this year. Your pet would be happy to have a new cozy warm cushion to sleep on. 

On this National Love Your Pet Day weekend, you may create a bubble quilt for your pet. It is really easy and beginner friendly because they’re mostly straight sewing. However, this project requires an ample amount of patience because it could take hours, but I promise it will definitely be fulfilling!

The main supplies for this project are fabric and polyester filling (a lot of it). If you’re wondering where you can get polyester filling, it’s not hard to find. Your local hypermart like Walmart should have it. 

And if you’re looking for fabric patterns that suit your home interior we have exactly what you need. Just go on our website for a range of patterns. 

Happy National Love Your Pet Day!

Happy National Love Your Pet Day Hungry friends. If you happen to get on these projects, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @thehungryjpeg. I’d love to see the results. I’ll come back with more exciting projects in the future. 

Featured image by ntl-studio 

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