Personalize your bullet journal with 3 great elements for FREE

Personalize your bullet journal with 3 great elements for FREE

Bullet journal or “bujo” is good to keep you productive throughout the day. What makes it different? Instead of blank pages, bullet journals come in various sections like checklists as well as health tracker. Even though we’re in the third quarter of the year, it’s never too late to start journaling. Check out these 3 great elements to personalize your bullet journal.

Journal cover

Just like any other books, bullet journal needs an appealing journal cover to grasp your mood and vibes. It’s crucial to choose the right cover design to represent your identity or maybe your journal’s theme. Here are some suggestions;

This funky and cute digital paper design suits everyone, especially for stay-at-home moms with tons of checklists in a day. This file comes with 7 different colors that you can choose from.

A ladylike and elegant design to depict your mature vibes. Engrave your name on it to complete the professional look on your bullet journal.

This is one of the designs that might suit your pregnancy journal. Cactus symbolizes endurance and maternal love; makes this design perfect for your pregnancy journal cover. Track and record everything for memories!


As days go by and your journal fills up, consider adding a bookmark to help you return to your previous page easily.

Here are the items needed to create your bookmark;

  1. Card stock
  2. Cotton thread / ribbon
  3. Paper puncher

This is how your bookmark will look like. But if you’re looking for a design to compliment the journal cover that I’ve listed previously, here are some suggestions for you.

These 3 designs will complete your bookmark and your bullet journal. Just mix and match and be creative!

Creativity has no limitations

Feel free to add anything into your bullet journal. While some prefer a minimal and neat one, and the others something fancier, you might want to include these motivational quotes in your bullet journal regardless of what type of a person you are.

Allocate a page for the quote or turn it into a sticker instead. It’s all up to your creativity. Visit our website for more freebies to complete your first bullet journal. Happy browsing, till then!

Featured image from Simple Media Kit

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