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This week, we have an interview with TandaV as our featured designer !

Could you tell us about yourself? Where are you from, what do you do, etc.?

Hello, my name is Tatyana and I’m an illustrator from Belarus. I started drawing on stocks about 5 years ago. I only came across TheHungryJpeg a while ago. I work in different styles, such as flat, cartoon, paper, linear graphics. Sometimes I draw logos for orders. However, I find that working with TheHungryJpeg allows me to enjoy drawing, and it’s really priceless.For me, creating a product on TheHungryJpeg is no work but a form of creativity for the soul.

tandav store

How did your design journey begin?

I started drawing in my childhood, first on the walls of my room (what my parents didn’t like) and then on children albums 🙂 For seven years I went to an art school, which like many children at that time, was not very fond of because my friends were usually all playing in the yard. I also used to make handcrafted mugs. All this created a good base for my future as an illustrator. I learned how to use Illustrator and  Corel’s programs through courses and books. Before the birth of my first child, I worked as a child psychologist, and this work took a lot of time from me. The birth of my child gave me free time, in which I decided to spend returning back to my childhood passion for painting. Then, I gradually got carried away, and  attended different courses to develop myself as an illustrator (lettering, composition of works, work with color). Then, I found TheHungryJpeg, and here I am today!

Magical time unicorns tandav

Featured product: Magical Time


Where do you usually find your inspiration?

Inspiration … this is such a difficult to explain concept. Where? Like any creative person everywhere!  Starting from an ordinary walk in different beautiful places, reading interesting books, communicating with friends and just new people. Yes, even advertising at a stop can give a boost to new ideas and a new product. Of course, I can not help but mention travelling, as it’s a huge storehouse of new impressions and new ideas. Any new impressions give inspiration to a creative person. Travel and create! 🙂

moon mood tandav

Featured product: Moon Mood


Any favourite design references that you can share that might be helpful for other designers as well?

It’s the typical same old 🙂 – Pinterest, Behance, Dribble.

sun and fun tandav

Featured product: Sun and Fun


What are the most common design problems that you face?

Often, creating a new product, I plan out about what it will consist of. Elements, patterns, alphabet, etc., and then I set the deadlines for creating this product. But in the process of creating a product, I tend to immerse myself in it and I always end up wanting to add in something else – lettering, templates or additional elements. Therefore, it is difficult for me to finish the product, because so many interesting things can be added in!

merry Christmas collection tandav

Featured product: Merry Christmas Collection


Final question, do you have any advice or tips for anyone starting to sell their designs?

Try and try! Try everything – different directions, styles, techniques, themes…. Sometimes what is not interesting initially results in more interesting things. Search for “yourself”, but after finding, do not stop. Move on, constantly develop and learn. Because there are more interesting things ahead! 🙂

scandy forest collection tandav

Featured product: Scandy Forest Collection

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