To A Better And Sustainable Tomorrow With Women

To A Better And Sustainable Tomorrow With Women

International Women’s Day is finally here so let’s take a moment to appreciate women all over the world regardless of their origins, religions, colors and beliefs. March 8th is the day to commemorate women’s achievements in all spheres of life, be it social, political, economic, domestic or cultural.

The United Nations marks “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” slogan as the main theme for Women’s Day in the year 2022 – Where it encourages to help in breaking the bias and promotes gender equality. March is designated for women as Women’s Week will run from 7th of March up until 13th of March and the main focus will be on empowering all women fighting up against stereotypes and discriminations.

Women in TheHungryJPEG

TheHungryJPEG believes that women are capable of doing more than just endless houseworks and cooking. The story behind TheHungryJPEG starts with women and creativity as the main pillar – where everything began as a hobby and way to share their creative minds with people around the world.

And now, TheHungryJPEG has become one of the platforms for amazing housewives and mothers to provide for their beautiful family. Like watering two plants with one hose, women can enjoy their time creating things they love while making some side income for themselves.

We are women

To A Better And Sustainable Tomorrow With Women

Quoting from Michelle Obama, “There’s no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish” – in which we are that woman, we are the character and our accomplishments are limitless. Let’s appreciate, support and push all women around us to achieve more milestones in success because a woman gives you her entire world; It is time to make the world a better place for her. 

In celebration of Women’s Day, here is something for all the lovely ladies (and also men) out there – check out this wonderful freebie, exclusive from TheHungryJPEG. That being said, Happy International Women’s Day to all amazing women out there and together we #BreakTheBias.

To A Better And Sustainable Tomorrow With Women

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