Graphic Designer Of The Week: Tatiana Cociorva Designs | TheHungryJPEG

Graphic Designer Of The Week: Tatiana Cociorva Designs | TheHungryJPEG

Tatiana Cociorva is known for her awesome talent in creating zentangle and mandala decorative arts. Throughout her time with TheHungryJPEG, Tatiana has created a lot of colorful monograms, svg files, 3D arts and so much more — and most of her designs incorporate both, zentangle and mandala designs. Let’s learn more about Tatiana and her design styles in the interview below;

Could you tell us about yourself?

Hello! My name is Tatiana, I’m a crafter and artist in my free time. I love nature and drawing intricate designs like mandalas, zentangle or vintage pieces.

How long have you been in this industry?

I have been in this industry for about 5 years and above.

When did you know you wanted to pursue designing and start selling it?

Some years ago, when I realised there is an easier way to make art and also sell it internationally.

What inspires you the most? Where do you get your inspiration?

Definitely nature and all that it has to give. Natural items like leaves, flowers or animals are my main source of inspiration.

Are you a traditional or digital artist? What are your preferred mediums to create your designs and graphics?

Usually I draw digitally but when I have some spare time I love to paint, draw and create textile art. I love all of these mediums and it helps inspire me to jump from one to the other.

Could you describe your design style?

I would say detailed and intricate.

What is your favorite part of the designing process?

When I’ve already decided what product to make and start making it.

Have you ever experienced creative blocks before? How did you handle it?

Yes, these come frequently. But I found that taking a break, drawing whatever feels good at the moment and putting no pressure on myself are some good ways to overcome creative blocks.

Top Pick from Tatiana Cociorva Designs

Do you have any advice or tips for future graphic designers out there?

Yes, work on whatever you are best at, draw all the time and improve your skills.

And that sums up our interview session. Tatiana is a very talented artist who can design well regardless of the medium — be it digital or traditional. With such talents, Tatiana managed to achieve a lot of milestones in success and expand Tatiana Cociorva Designs’ wings to various online marketplaces. Visit Tatiana Cociorva Designs on THJ now to purchase your new favorite zentangle and mandala decorative arts with such affordable prices! Hope you will love Tatiana Cociorva Designs as much as I do. Till then!

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