Graphic Designer Of The Week: Lucia_ Fox | TheHungryJPEG

Graphic Designer Of The Week: Lucia_ Fox | TheHungryJPEG

Striking up a friendship with different artists from TheHungryJPEG has always been our favorite because we can get to know interesting stories behind their amazing designs. This time around THJ Team would like to bring a self-taught artist from Ukraine to share her story and source of inspiration in creating an abundance of colorful and vibrant designs. Introducing you to Svetlana, the owner of Lucia_ Fox store from TheHungryJPEG. Let’s get to know her from our interview session below.

Could you tell us about yourself?

Hi, I’m Svetlana. Graphic designer and illustrator from Kharkov, Ukraine. But because of the war in Ukraine, I had to leave my home country. Now my daughter Alisa and I are in Poland, but we hope to return home to Ukraine. I am very lucky that I can do my favorite job anywhere in the world and it is really priceless, especially in such a difficult hour.

How long have you been in this industry?

I have been in this industry for about 5 years and above.

When did you know you wanted to pursue designing and start selling it?

I have loved to draw since my childhood and it has always been my passion. I dreamed of becoming an artist. I am a self-taught artist and have never attended art schools, but I try to evolve and learn new things all the time. The birth of my daughter gave me free time and the opportunity to draw. At first it was more like a hobby, but over time it became profitable, and so I became a full-time illustrator.

What inspires you the most? Where do you get your inspiration?

I find my inspiration everywhere I go. It can be fashion magazines, shopping or just walking around the city. In the beginning, I drew cute illustrations for children and holidays, inspired by my daughter. I also use Pinterest, where any designer or artist can find a lot of inspiration.

Are you a traditional or digital artist? What are your preferred mediums to create your designs and graphics?

I am a digital artist. I draw sketches on the iPad in the Procreate app and then finalize and translate into a vector in Adobe Illustrator or immediately create vector graphics on a computer if a sketch is not needed.

Could you describe your design style?

I work in flat or cartoon style, sometimes it’s abstraction and minimalism.

What is your favorite part of the designing process?

I am a design fanatic. I have always been drawn to creativity that inspires me and encourages me to work harder and become better. I love to see how my ideas come to life in the form of finished illustrations =)

Have you ever experienced creative blocks before? How did you handle it?

Creative blocks happen, just like any artist. I just allow myself to rest a bit until inspiration comes again.

Lucia_ Fox’s favorite

Do you have any advice or tips for future graphic designers out there?

Don’t be afraid to start. Try different styles and techniques, follow design trends and find your own style. Also, do more practice. All skills come with experience and then everything will definitely work out!

 If there is something you wish TheHungryJPEG could do for you, tell us.

TheHungryJPEG gives me a great opportunity to create and sell my art. I am very happy that I am part of your community, thank you very much. =)

That has wrapped up our interview session for this week! Svetlana’s strong passion and interests toward designs are the main reasons for her to keep going regardless of what she’s facing right now. A loving mother who finds great joy in drawing and designing that’s inspired by her daughter is now able to make a living with her magic touch and wonderful artworks. If you are trying to vibe up your creative works, maybe it’s time to consider Lucia_ Fox’s design because there are countless colorful designs that will enhance your projects. Discover more from their store now!

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