How to Celebrate International Homeless Animals Day and Save Lives

How to Celebrate International Homeless Animals Day and Save Lives

Did you know there are about 70 million stray animals living on the streets in the U.S? This has shown that by now, the overpopulation issue should be taken seriously. Back in the 90’s, The International Society for Animal Rights introduced International Homeless Animals Day (IHAD) as a way to curb the plight of stray animals, and now it’s time for us to participate and help those animals in need.

Celebrating IHAD on 21st of August

Spreading awareness is crucial to let people know about the campaign day. A minimal yet impactful infographic is important to grab immediate attention from the viewers. Create your own adoption banner with these templates and use it as a landing page on your websites.

Adopt or foster

Adopting pets from your nearest shelter is the best way to celebrate International Homeless Animals Day. Normalize adopting pets rather than buying them. With adoption, you can help to curb the overpopulation issue and save more pets’ lives.

If you found yourself unable to commit for permanent adoption, maybe you can opt for fostering, instead. By spending your time and sharing your home space with them will prevent unnecessary sufferings and euthanization for the pets. Either way, you can help the animals and support the shelter near you.

Volunteering during IHAD

Don’t forget that you can also participate as a volunteer during the International Homeless Animals Day. You can organize fun activities to be done during the campaign day to show support and share your affection towards the animals.

To make it more remarkable, create and design badges for the shelter where you will be volunteering this weekend. Choose any of the affordable designs that suit your likings. Be it for shirts or wall badges, trust me, the organization will appreciate your sweet gesture.

Let’s save more pets’ lives

You wouldn’t know how your little gesture today will impact the future. Don’t forget to spay or neuter your pets because 1 unspayed female cat, and her offspring can lead to 370,000 kittens in 7 years.

Let’s celebrate and participate in International Homeless Animals Day on 21st of August. Spread the awareness to help save more pets’ lives and help overcome the overpopulation issue. Till then!

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