3 Important Features For Your Scrapbook Ideas

3 Important Features For Your Scrapbook Ideas

Scrapbooking has never been easy in spite of the number of years you’ve been doing it; whether you’re a beginner or an advanced crafter. However, it’s always fun to do it especially when you have plentiful memories to be kept and shared with your family and friends. Design one today with these FREE materials from THJ!

Logo for scrapbook cover

For a kickoff, start with the front cover. You can be creative and use any elements you like, but bear in mind, the cover will help you to maintain your scrapbook’s theme. For aesthetic purposes, be sure to set a theme. Followed by having decorative elements that complement each other and at the same time jive with the theme.

If you’re planning for a photography theme, these are my suggestions for your front cover;

Opt for minimalism without additional elements. Either way, it’s all on you. Your scrapbook’s cover will say it all!

Patterned paper

Make use of patterned papers to complement your scrapbook’s content. It comes in various designs, sizes and color schemes. You may choose any patterns according to your preferences and theme.

Print these digital papers and use it for your scrapbook. A useful tip, use white paper or cardstock to make the colors pop! These patterned papers will make your scrapbook look more fun and colorful.


Last but not least, choosing the right embellishments are important to make your scrapbook stand out. You can use stickers, washi tapes, sequins, dried flowers or leaves for a dash of color. But remember to not overdo it! Let the embellishments complement your content.

Here are some FREE elements that you can choose for your stickers idea;

For more embellishments, do browse other FREEBIES available on our website. Simply download the freebie that you fancy, or to save time, just grab any Scrapbook Kit from the designer of your choice. Hope it helps. Till then!

Featured image by Seamless Team

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