3 Easy Activities To Celebrate The International Dot Day

3 Easy Activities To Celebrate The International Dot Day

International Dot Day was initially found and established from a fictional book called The Dot, written by Peter Raynolds; the book tells a story of a young girl who overcame intimidation in art class and found her freedom after making her own mark. Now, Dot day is being celebrated by both adults and children regardless of their age and it celebrates creativity, courage and collaboration from everyone.

Just like The Dot, TheHungryJPEG also encourages any form of arts and creative projects in expressing your thoughts and feelings through it. With that being said, we would like to motivate our HungryFriends to never stop creating because your art is what made this world a beautiful and better place!

Everything starts from a ‘dot’

Dot Day is meant for everyone- whether you’re an art novice, advanced artist or even someone who’s never got incorporated with arts, do not hesitate to create your own art today and celebrate International Dot Day.

No matter what kind of art you’re going to create, don’t ever give up! Be it drawing your first sketch, coloring and painting your favorite graphic or maybe writing your first 4 lines-poem – remember, everything starts with a small ‘dot’! You will never know where your ‘dot’ is going to bring you, until you finish it.

Coloring activity with kids

If you’re a stay-at-home parent or a teacher, today is the perfect time to encourage and assimilate the kids with arts and creative projects because kids are the real artists! With their endless imagination, they could produce a lot of creative products.

Start off with coloring activities and see how they will enjoy it. It’s good for them to improve their hand-strength and they could also learn how to express themselves through colors. You can browse more affordable and stunning coloring pages on our website. Purchase once, and it’ll be yours for good!

Create posters

Don’t forget, you can also create your own posters to advocate more people about Dot Day. It’s important to choose the right theme and style to symbolize the campaign day itself.

This is one of the font types that you can use for your posters. A handwritten typeface which symbolizes the International Dot Day; everything starts with a small ‘dot’! Its imperfect and crooked edges resemble the originality of a handwritten font.

Despite its affordable price, you’ll be receiving some extra elements along with this font. Check it out now and start creating your posters.

Make your own mark and share it!

Express your creativity, play with the kids and make your own mark on International Dot Day. If you haven’t drawn, colored or painted in a while, today will be the perfect day to start again.

Don’t forget to use the tag #InternationalDotDay, #DotDay and #MakeYourMark on your social media when you post or share the pictures of your creative projects. Let’s have some fun and spread the word through our community. Happy International Dot Day, HungryFriends, till then!

Featured image by Microvector

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