Time To DIY Your Wedding Invitations With These Trends

Time To DIY Your Wedding Invitations With These Trends

Life is a magical journey. In this universe, fate works wonders – you meet a stranger, who becomes a friend, and then something more. You can never predict who you’ll fall in love with, or who’ll fall for you instead. With that, weddings are an important moment for you, so save the date (the magic with the same person only happens once!) and for truly cherishing happiness. That’s why DIY personalized wedding invitations evolved into a trend when people can just use their own laptop and play around with creative software.

We’re gonna show you some favorites that everyone wants to have for their dream wedding. Also, from these premium templates, you can figure out which style you love and who knows, it could become your wedding invitation in the really near future!

Floral Design

Floral themes are chosen as a main wedding symbol because it expresses emotions with a stunning touch. Really depends on what you want to symbolize. It could be the trust, the beauty, the memories, the happiness and of course the love. So that year by year, floral elements still set an important role in wedding design, especially wedding invitations. But take a look below at how tastes have evolved over these past years.

Modern Vintage Floral Wedding Invitation Suite by KlapauciusCo
Modern English Garden Wedding Suite by KlapauciusCo
Botanist Graphics by Alina Sh

Another way to make your wedding design look more premium and stunning is to add wreaths, frames or garlands.

Create a smart and harmonious combination like these below.

Rose Wedding Wreaths by artistic
Watercolor woodland vintage floral frame wreath by WonderWonder
30 Save the day wreaths by KlapauciusCo

Combining floral elements? Some designers get their inspiration from greenery and nature. It allows the eye to behold the beauty of nature. Just like love, nature brings us closer to everyone, to your partner and to ourselves.

Green Foliage Wedding Invitation Suite by KlapauciusCo
Rose on Navy Background Wedding Invitation Suite by artistic

Make Use of Watercolors

Most designers agree that watercolor makes their work more attractive, inspired and unpredictable! Why unpredictable, you ask? With watercolor, you can create unexpected special effects that other art mediums can’t. Just let the colors blend into each other and watch as they make transparent, fluid shapes, and in turn opening dreamy, creative doors.

Watercolor Background for Wedding Invitation Suite by artistic

Apply these to your wedding invitations – real and hand-crafted features will definitely make your design more unique than if you used other mediums. And you know, it’s so simple – just by adding watercolor brushes or ready-to-use watercolor elements and put some design tricks. Look, you are doing something awesome! 😉

Watercolor Wedding Template by HappyWatorcolorShop
Wedding Invitation Suite by  EvgeniiasArt

Besides that, using watercolor alphabets as your wedding font is an amazing idea! They do have single floral and brush element easily for you to create a special font that only belongs to you and your partner.

Alphabet Interrupted Watercolor Set by Bibela

Wedding Map Creations

Have you heard about this idea – create your own wedding invitations by showing where the event will take place? Or you can play with your country’s shape on the globe for your invitation too. Sounds unique right? The cute part is that in each template, they provide you plenty of related graphic elements to support your design such as a car, balloons, trees, buildings and many more.

Watercolor Wedding Map Creator by  Spasibenko Art
Wedding Map Creator by Julia Dreams
Watercolour Wedding map creator kit by Bilberry Create

Use Patterns

Why not customize your wedding celebration with a patterned theme! From your invitation to your number card or menu, you can apply these patterns anywhere you want. Compared to other ideas, it seems easier than needing to learn some designing skills, choosing a great pattern, and then playing around in Photoshop with the infamous pattern stamp tool.

The right chosen pattern could affect the look and feel of viewers. Also, coordinating with a premium font would make an awesome design. So this recipe is perfectly simple: pattern, font and your good eyes.

Fun Pattern Wedding Invitation by KlapauciusCo
Gold & Floral Wedding Invitation Suite by KlapauciusCo

And, here are 3 other novelty styles which are called rustic package, chalkboard and vintage stamp. So for wedding invitation designs, you can get inspired in many ways that don’t have a fixed model or traditional template. Use your imagination and creativity!

We do hope you will be able to find ideas for your next wedding design and guys, we know you’ll rock it. Make it awesome and as creative as possible!

Vintage Stamp Wedding Invitation by KlapauciusCo
Hand Drawn Floral Wedding Invitation Chalkboard by KlapauciusCo
Rustic Wedding Package by KlapauciusCo

This mockup maker provides premium templates for everyone to figure out which styles do you love for wedding invitation cards. There are a lot of trendy design templates available for you to choose from and a variety of watercolors to make your design more attractive and unique.

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