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Today we have the amazing Mikibith Art as our featured designer, explore her creative journey with us!

Could you tell us about yourself? Where are you from, what do you do, etc.?

My name is Alisa Shershen. I’m an artist, photographer and designer. I love music, history, tennis, crows, ravens, farmhouse life and my family. I used to be very interested in skiing in the past, but now I am busy taking care of my son, Daniel, who is growing up very fast before my eyes.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 3.32.37 PM


How did your design journey begin?

After university I started working as a Research Fellow for Fine Arts, as I possess a master’s degree in Arts Education from university. However, one day I found myself yearning to draw and create something every single day. So, after 4 years I left my work in education and started work as an illustrator in a publishing house, where I worked for about 15 years and gained an immense amount of practical experience. Though, I didn’t enjoy working in the publishing house either. Now, working for myself,  my life became very peaceful and very quiet. I also find myself very happy – I LOVE my work!

Fairy-tale land Mikibith Art

Featured product: Fairy-Tale Land


Where do you usually find your inspiration?

I tend to find my inspiration in nature, all around me.

70 best summer flowers

Featured product: 70 Best Summer Flowers


What are the most common design problems that you face?

Plagiarism. Whenever one designer comes up with a good product, it is copied by others.

teddy-bears set 2 in 1

Featured product: Teddy-Bear Set 2 in 1 


Final question, do you have any advice or tips for anyone starting to sell their designs?

All of your products on sale need to have great visual presentation. They must be able to attract the buyers, and you can improve the attractiveness of the product by making tutorials for the live preview. The purchasers tend to like to see how the product is created. Besides that, you should always be friendly, and keep in touch with others if needed.

 Watercolor wreaths
Featured product: Watercolour Wreaths

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