Happy International Strange Music Day and How To Celebrate It

Happy International Strange Music Day and How To Celebrate It

Happy International Strange Music Day! Shout out to all melomaniacs, it’s time to play your guilty pleasures out loud and feed your strange music soul without being judged by anyone.

International Strange Music Day was marked on 24th of August by a professional musician, Patrick Grant with a mantra, “listening without prejudice”. – He believed that broadening one’s musical spectrum can change the perspectives in life.

Short history

The Strange Music Day was first commercialized in 1997 to promote Patrick’s new album. To make it remarkable, Patrick decided to choose August 24 as the campaign day because it was his mentor’s birthday.

In early 2000, Strange Music Day has finally gained its popularity and since then, the day is being celebrated by people around the world with the same mission – to encourage people to get out of their comfort zone and try new types of music they don’t usually listen to. It’s the day to discover more bizarre songs!

How to celebrate the day

Turn the music up, create your own banner and post it on your social media with #StrangeMusicDay to let people know you’re having a great time celebrating the day. Discover more melomaniac friends with the hashtag and exchange your bizarre playlist with each other.

Want to go all out? Here are some odd music genres that you might have never noticed before.

  1. Medieval Folk Rock
  2. Lowercase
  3. Unblack Metal
  4. Vaporwave

Give it a try while you’re crafting or designing new art projects, and you might end up discovering new eargasms in your playlist. You wouldn’t know unless you try!

Other than that, you can compose your own rhythms and music today! Utilize the kitchen utensils or stationeries to produce that ‘punk rock’ masterpiece. The best way to do it, ask your kids to join you and let them hit those frying pans! For a grungy look, make your own temporary tattoos for you and the kids. Nobody’s gonna judge!

For those with a strange musical taste, today is the day to share your odd and bizarre playlist with the public and let them know that such genres exist! Don’t be shy and insecure with your preferences because every genre is art. Last but not least, I’m wishing you Happy International Strange Music Day. Till then!

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