How WOMEN shaped TheHungryJpeg

How WOMEN Shaped TheHungryJPEG

Behind every success, are stories of hard work, struggles, obstacles, perseverance, and experiences; people who have put their best foot forward in achieving dreams and pursuing passion.

For TheHungryJPEG, it’s the women.

They say women are suited no more than housework or dainty and graceful jobs, but here at TheHungryJPEG, we see much more than that. The amount of contributions made by talented females at TheHungryJPEG is a testament that women are redefining the future of creativity. Your contributions to our platform is immensely appreciated and cherished. Your creativity serves as our asset in believing that we can do more than what is expected of us.

TheHungryJPEG started as a hobby where fonts and designs were sold as graphic elements, but later on developed into a lucrative opportunity that benefits livelihoods across the globe – providing designs for creatives worldwide. Each font and design manifests the blood, sweat and tears poured out by the team and by you, the incredible women behind it. From simple brush strokes to complex vector designs; each and every one tells a million stories.

Your creative passion is witnessed daily by TheHungryJPEG family. While the things you do give you fulfillment, it does the same for us and brings happiness to those who come across your works. It is not only a part of you but has also become a part of this family and everyone who has been touched by your designs. You have played a huge part in helping TheHungryJPEG family build a strong community of not just women but men included as equals. We are humbly grateful for that. We would not have come this far if not for our incredible crafters and designers – artists and creatives.

It has not always been a walk in the park. There were struggles and mistakes along the way. A lot of effort, time and sacrifices were poured into the creation of one simple design but everyone showed determination.

Not all may understand the complexity of designing, not everyone can appreciate the efforts you put into it. They may not see the all-nighters you pull, and the cups of coffee consumed just to produce such unique designs. We see your growth; the growth that we are proud to show to the world and the differences you have made to this unique place, where art is the language.

That is why we celebrate this day for you. The International Women’s Day.

We dedicate this to all the women in TheHungryJPEG, we thank you for your continuous support and inspiration that you bring to this community.

You deserve this. Take a break, sit back and sip some coffee! Look around, thank each family and friend who have supported your journey in making you a strong woman in today’s society.

With lots of love,

TheHungryJPEG Team! XOXO

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