Customizing book jackets using The Majestic May Bundle | Milowcostblog

Hi! I’m Carmen from Milowcostblog. I’m so happy to be here again. This time, I have designed some cute book jackets with The Majestic May Bundle. As you can see, you can create amazing printables with the resources included!


I’m a book lover, and I also enjoy decorating. So, sometimes I have some ugly or old books that don’t look very nice on my shelves. Now, I have a solution; I have created beautiful book jackets with these amazing patterns!


There are three different patterns and you can combine them or use your favorite. I have made 3 different varieties; one for fiction, another for non-fiction and the last as a design on its own.

Moreover, they are designed in black with transparent backgrounds so that they can adapt to all styles and decorations easily.

You just need:

  • A printer
  • A4 paper (white or brown kraft paper for a rustic look)
  • Tape


I have printed them on an A3 size paper, so they are suitable for large books. If the book is small, you can print them on an A4 size paper instead.


Simply wrap the printed paper around the book, creating a fold at the vertical edges of the cover for security. It’s super easy!


Voilà! Now, you too can start covering your books with these customized book jackets and our book shelves will look amazing with these patterns!


Hope you’ll have as much fun as I did creating these book jackets and have a nice day!


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