10 Brilliant Instagram Highlight Icon Sets

Instagram Highlight Cover Icons are trending. It’s time to step up your Instagram aesthetics with some of these ready-made designs for you to choose from.

Instagram users can highlight photos and videos they’ve posted in their stories that will remain permanent on their Instagram page under their bio and above their feed. This allows it to be easily accessible to your followers to browse through your public archives.

Each highlight requires a name and a cover photo. Just like your feed, you can make your Instagram page stand out with custom icons as your highlight covers.

10 Brilliant Instagram Highlight Icon Sets
Photo by Jakob Owens

A messy store does not give a good first impression to customers, which is similar to a messy Instagram page! Custom icons can improve the outlook of your Instagram page to make it look more cohesive and consistent with the rest of your Instagram page.

No idea how to design your own custom icons for those highlight circles? No worries. We’ve got you covered with a colorful list of brilliant Instagram highlight icon sets that are readily available for purchase, all designed by North Sea Studio.

All you need to do is download it and apply it to your Instagram profile. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on what you need to do to update your highlight cover. Are you ready to revamp your page? Let’s go!

  • Memories – Instagram stories highlights icons

10 Brilliant Instagram Highlight Icon Sets

Memories – Instagram stories highlights icons can turn your fondest memories into 30 different high-resolution icons. Each icon has the option of three background colors: white, orange, and yellow.

  • Black & Copper Instagram Highlights

10 Brilliant Instagram Highlight Icon Sets

Like something more sleek and chic? You should check out the Black & Copper Instagram Highlights. The 20 Instagram story highlight covers is designed with a black background and icons in copper to keep your feed looking simple, yet chic.

  • Rose Instagram Highlight Icons

10 Brilliant Instagram Highlight Icon Sets

If you’re all about the latest and the hottest thing in trend, then the Rose Instagram Highlight Icons is the answer to your needs. The background of leaves in black and grey with rose-colored brush stroke fonts gives somewhat of tropical vibes to its aesthetics makes it the newest and most popular highlight cover icons on our site.

  • Travel Instagram Story Highlights

10 Brilliant Instagram Highlight Icon Sets

Are you a jet-setter, go-getter, travel junkie, who does not have the luxury of time to spend designing travel icons for highlight covers? Just purchase the Travel Instagram Story Highlights for only $4 providing 20 different story highlight covers for your traveling social media needs.

  • Minimal Instagram Story Covers

10 Brilliant Instagram Highlight Icon Sets

Want to design your way into a simpler life? Then, this ready-to-use Minimal Instagram Story Covers can keep your social media presence as minimalist as possible with plain white backgrounds and brushstroke fonts. Focus on the essentials and rid of the excess!

  • Christmas Watercolor Instagram Icons

10 Brilliant Instagram Highlight Icon Sets

Jingle bells, jingle bells, can you hear those bells jingling? Christmas is just around the corner. I’m sure some of you are already posting your Christmas home decorations on your stories. Why not highlight them with the Christmas Watercolor Instagram Icons for only $4 for 12 Christmas themed icon designs.

  • Personal Trainer Instagram Icons

10 Brilliant Instagram Highlight Icon Sets

Flex your way into these fitness-inspired icons for those gym-enthusiasts and nutritionists out there. These Personal Trainer Instagram Icons can motivate your followers to keep their health and body goals on track with highlight covers for healthy recipes, workout routines, and so on.

  • Watercolor Instagram Story Icons

10 Brilliant Instagram Highlight Icon Sets

The Watercolor Instagram Story Icons by North Sea Studio was designed for beauty bloggers and beauty enthusiasts to highlight your makeup tutorials, reviews, and for showing off your #MOTD (make-up of the day)!

  • Marble Instagram Story Icons

10 Brilliant Instagram Highlight Icon Sets

Are you on Instagram just to share your photo memories with your loved ones and acquaintances? Don’t have a specific branding to your account, but you still want to maintain a cohesive page? These Marble Instagram Story Icons for only $4 can categorize those memories for you such as work, family, food, fashion, beauty, etc. with elegance in design.

  • Floral Instagram Story Icons

10 Brilliant Instagram Highlight Icon Sets

These floral details in pink and purple are perfect for any feminine brand to feature your fashion style, social events, and others. The Floral Instagram Story Icons are ready to use on any smartphone for only $4.

Complete your Instagram page outlook by checking out TheHungryJPEG’s wide range of designs from Instagram Lightroom filters to story templates to graphics to choose. Improving your Instagram aesthetics does not have to be as difficult or time-consuming as you think it is with these ready-made designs to keep your page looking professional and captivating.

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